PUBG offers an API that permits creators to use data from the game. This is meant for web and software creators. API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s a program that allows two other programs to interact. The Developer API was released about two months ago. Those who want to gain access to it are required to register on the PUBG API website. After registering, users receive a key that allows them to use the API. This software gives users the chance to get data from the game. This can be item details or info and also players’ statistics. Those who are wondering what can be done with this kind of data should think for a second about wiki and statistics pages. Having access to the API simplifies the process of building such community resources. The data can be used in many ways but it cannot be stored. Developers should also know that they can ask monetary compensation for their API built tools, however, they are encouraged to read the Terms of Service first.

Although some basic programming understanding shouldn’t hurt, users don’t need to be experts to start using the API. Talented and committed individuals can learn to use the API even if they lack a programming background. All the necessary documentation is found on the website. It’s not easy learning it without any previous experience but it’s definitely doable. The team encourages rookies to join the Discord channel where they can get in contact with developers that can help them. Nevertheless, creators are advised to make use of the documentation and not rely on getting help from others. The online documentation contains sections like Getting Started which should be read by all those want to create tools using the API. Other documentation chapters are Matches, Telemetry, Players, and such. There is also a section dealing with known issues. In the eventuality of finding bugs and issues, users can alert the team by using the Report an API Bug function.