FIFA 19 is coming soon and players have already started to pre-order their favorite football video game and buy fifa 19 coins. There are different versions available for different platforms so the choice may not be easy if players own multiple gaming platforms. The first decision should be the platform. The game can be played on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The gameplay is different depending on the platform.

The PS 3 and Xbox 360 editions are called the Legacy Edition. The gameplay does not contain this year’s updates and additions, however, it has the new squads and kits. This version is mainly targeted at casual fans. There are three game versions available for PC and current generation consoles. FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch is much better than last year’s version. The game was showcased running at 60 FPS and it was announced that it will have the new features. Players are reminded that online play is possible with a Nintendo Switch subscription. The PC, PS 4, and Xbox One versions are the most complete. Those who are die-hard game fans will opt to get FIFA 19 on one of these platforms.

The standard game edition comes with five Jumbo Premium Gold packs that can be used in Ultimate Team mode. Players will also get a Cristiano Ronaldo loan that will last for seven games. The third reward for this edition are some special kits. The champions edition includes all rewards from the standard version and more. This version comes with 20 packs instead of five, a Neymar Jr loan, a Champions League player pick, and also a three days head start. The ultimate edition has 40 packs and all the goodies included in the champions edition. The game can be bought as a digital download or as a physical game from local retailers. There are also some offers that allow console players to get a 10% discount. It isn’t much but it still something considering that the game is a triple A title. FIFA 19 is also included in Origin Access and Xbox One Access. Origin Premier subscribers get the game for free.