NBA 2K19 players should expect an improved game experience thanks to Update 7. This update addressed several issues pertaining to multiple game areas. When playing matches, players will notice that shots in traffic don’t cause the shooter to fall on the floor that often anymore. The bug that caused wrong screens to occur was fixed. MyCareer got two updates. MyCourt permissions were fixed. When the setting is permission only, players will be able to enter only after they get the necessary permission. When players get their shoe endorsement level to the max level, they don’t have to buy their On Court shoes anymore. One annoying bug occurred in the Neighborhood when players were entering MyCourt on a bicycle or on a skateboard. They were unable to immediately leave but that was fixed so they can exit sooner now. When playing games in Pro-Am mode, players will be able to use alternate jerseys.

In MyTeam mode, players will be able to see the athlete who is currently chosen as Player of the Month on the MyTeam Unlimited menu. Some color card upgrade issues were fixed. The card will now be correctly upgraded when it is in the lineup with a duo partner. MyGM and MyLeague mode was updated as well. In Start Today mode, the All-Star game is displayed on the schedule of the season that is currently going on. Practices can be scheduled in this mode now. MyLeague Online games will not cause players to disconnect anymore during timeout. Friends are now able to interact in MyLeague Online. Players that were having troubles with uniforms and shoes in MyCareer, MyGM, and MyLeague will be happy to know that these issues were fixed. Some basketball players received a visual update. LeBron James is one of them. The game will apply all these fixes automatically. Players are advised to allow the game to update before doing anything else. The old saves will also benefit from the update. Buy NBA 2K19 MT online now and start new journey!