Guild Wars 2 players are busy playing Shadow in the Ice. This is the second episode in The Icebrood Saga. The second episode takes place in Bjora Marches, an area players are already familiar with from the first episode. The second episode continues the story. Players are asked to go to Jora’s Keep where they will meet Jhavi. She has some important information to share with the adventurers.

There is no news from Rytlock and Crecia. Braham thinks he can find them without any help. You must do whatever is necessary to bring your allies back together and face the perils as a team.

By now, you have realized that Bjora Marches are not a welcoming place. And that was only a part of it. The second half of the zone reveals itself to players in the second episode. The new Trials of Koda are waiting for you. Take part in these map events and get rewarded for doing so. The new world boss Drakkar is ready to face the adventurers. New achievements and rewards will be obtained for completing map objectives and for defeating the world boss.

Players should also get ready to take part in a new strike mission. Players will also gain access to new Raven abilities. They will be able to unlock the third tier of essence manipulation. Do you want to dress like a norn Raven Shaman? The new Raven Ceremonial costume gives you the chance to do this. You will also be able to transform your Restored Boreal weapons into Illuminated Boreal weapons.

You can also get minis and many other cosmetic items. There are three new guild hall decorations that can be obtained. Bjora Marches is a cold place and now you can express how you feel about it with the new shiver emote. Shadow in the Ice is available to players that have the Path of Fire expansion.

In a message to the community, the content design lead shed some insight on what’s coming to the game this year. The new episode was released not long ago but developers are already planning the future game releases. Before the third episode will be out, Visions of the Past will be released. This is a new activity. Details will be revealed at PAX East.

Episodes three and four are designed with replayability in mind. A new Fractal is in the works. It will have a challenge mode. The team is looking for ways to keep this content exciting and fresh.

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