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FIFA 20 – The Summer Heat Event Is Underway

FIFA 20 players are celebrating the warm season with Ultimate Team Summer Heat. This is an in-game event that features community voting, the re-release of favorite player item cards, new pack selections, and lots of rewards. Speaking of rewards, the event allows players to customize the prizes.

Summer Heat Voting gives players the chance to choose which player item cards get the booster items. This is how it works. On specific days, you will discover a Player Pick pack in your UT account. The pack is available for 24 hours. The pack contains three Summer Heat nominee items. Select the item you like best and give it your vote. The item that gets the most votes will be available through Squad Building Challenges. It will also become a Summer Heat Winner item. The other two items get the boost too, however, you can obtain them through FUT Draft only. The nominees are the best well-received player item cards from previous FUT seasons.

Summer Showdown is another activity that’s part of the event. This one takes place once a week. The activity singles out one real-world football game. Two Summer Heat player item cards that are based on that game will be made available through Squad Building Challenges. One player from each team will be selected to receive a Summer Heat item.

The item card depicting the player from the team that wins the game gets a +3 OVR upgrade. If the game ends in a draw, both cards get +1 OVR. The upgrade is permanent. Summer Heat comes with a second chance of obtaining some of the most popular player item cards from past campaigns. There will be three re-release batches throughout the event. The first batch begins on June 17th and ends July 3rd.

This first batch features player item cards from the following campaigns: Copa Libertadores, Headliners, OTW, Select TotW week 1-16, Shapeshifters, and Winter Refresh. The selection contains 180 player item cards.

Don’t forget about Summer Heat Fan Favorites as well. Some of the most popular FIFA 20 Ultimate Team cards are returning. This activity features past Squad Building Challenges and Objectives. The reward items have boosted stats. You will be able to obtain the new cards by completing the associated SBC or Objective.

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Final Fantasy XIV – Take Part In The Moogle Treasure Trove The Hunt For Law!

Are you eagerly waiting for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3 to launch? Have you finished all the activities and you’re left with nothing more to do? Probably not because Final Fantasy XIV is a huge game with lots of content. However, here’s an event that might interest you. The Moogle Treasure Trove The Hunt for Law event has started. This event is all about gathering irregular tomestones and awesome rewards. The event comes with a set of challenges.

Do you have what it takes to complete them? If you do, then you will acquire irregular tomestones as a reward. However, these items are used to get the real rewards. Find the itinerant Moogles and see what they’ll trade you for these tomestones.

Moogle Treasure Trove The Hunt for Law objectives are marked with a special marker in your Duty Finder. Look for the activities that have a little Moogle mark next to them. This is how you know that the activity will reward you with irregular tomestones. Complete it and gather as many as possible. You will get three irregular tomestones of Law when completing the Sunken Temple of Quarn, The Stone Vigil, or Dzemael Darkhold. Cutter’s Cry will give you four. Aurum Vale, The Royal City of Rabanastre, and the Hidden Gorge PvP activity will give you five stones.

As you can see, not all event activities are PvE. You need to take part in PvP duties as well to maximize your rewards. The Ridorana Lighthouse raid gives you six stones. Complete The Orbonne Monastery raid and Castrum Meridianum for seven tomestones. The Praetorium grants you 10 stones. Keep in mind that you need to complete the activities with a full party to get the stones. Once you have a nice stash of stones, exchange them for rewards from the itinerant Moogles in the three main cities. The most expensive item is a cute necklace that costs 100 stones. Orchestrion rolls, riding maps, Triple Triad cards, minions, MGP Platinum Cards, fashion items, and many other rewards are available.

This Final Fantasy XIV event begins May 18th. You have until the maintenance of Patch 5.3 to get your rewards. We don’t know when the event ends and the patch launches so don’t miss a day of the event!

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WoW Classic – Zul’Gurub Raid Tips

WoW Classic Zul’Gurub reset time is three days. This means that once every 72 hours the bosses you killed will respawn.

There’s no attunement quest. Unlike the other three raids before it, Zul’Gurub does not require you tp complete lengthy quest-chains. You just enter the portal like you would for a dungeon.

In theory, you can rush to the end boss. You don’t need to kill all the bosses before the final boss. You can just go and engage the last boss, Hakkar, while the High Priests are still alive, but you will most likely fail. Each Priest empowers Hakkar with a buff and it’s extremely challenging to kill him while he has all five buffs. However, it’s not impossible. Such a kill has already been claimed in WoW Classic. No one managed this achievement in Vanilla.

Ignore the adds for the High Priest Arlokk fight. This probably goes against what you hear most of the times, but focus on burning the boss while it is active. Switch to the adds when the boss vanishes.

Position High Priest Jek’lik on the hill. On the right side of the boss area, there is a small hill. Position the boss there to have more room during the fight.

Interrupt High Priest Mar’li when healing. Watch out for the boss’s Drain Life spell. It will heal it and damage the target. Luckily, you can and should interrupt it. Set up an interrupt rotation if needed.

Kill High Priest Thekal’s adds at the same time. You will be fighting three adds in the first phase. All three of them must die at the same time.

Dispel High Priest Venoxis. The boss uses Renew which heals it. Classes with dispelling abilities such as priests and shamans can use their spells to remove Renew from the boss.

Get the debuff when fighting Hakkar. The Poisonous Blood debuff is essential to this fight. Make sure you have it when the boss Blood Siphons. If you don’t have the debuff, you will help the boss gain HP.

Don’t die too many times during the Bloodlord Mandokir fight. The good news is that you get resurrected if you die during the fight. The bad news is that each death buffs the boss.

Focus the adds, not Jin’do. When fighting this boss, it is important to keep in mind that adds take priority. Don’t touch the boss if there are adds still up.

Stay in the water when fighting Gahz’ranka. Stay in the water near Pagle’s Pointe to avoid taking too much fall damage. Stay with GoldPiles to get more cheap WoW Classic gold.


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FIFA 20 – What You Need to Know About Conmebol Players

The Conmebol mode is now part of FIFA 20. It’s a massive game update that adds significant content to the game. New modes and tournaments are available. The Ultimate Team roster is getting bigger. More than 300 new players are available. Here is what you should know about them. Players that are playing the Conmebol Libertadores and Conmebol Sudamericana are getting a base item for Ultimate Team.

Players that are part of leagues that are already in the game will join their league. The leagues in question are Liga Dimayor, SAF, and Campeonato AFP Planvital. Players that are in other domestic leagues will go to the new Sudamericana and Libertadores league.

The chemistry between new and old players from clubs and leagues will still be in the game. If there are players that are part of a league that is not in the game right now, they will go to a new Sudamericana and Libertadores league and will share chemistry with others in this league.

If a team is not in the tournament anymore, the Libertadores and Sudamericana base item player cards from that team will still be available in packs. If you are wondering what happens with the upgrade if the player moves to another club or tournament, then you should know that upgrades still happen if the player goes to a club that is in the same competition. If the player is part of a team that is qualified for the Sudamericana by achieving third place in Libertadores, then the player item cards will still be in packs as Libertadores base items. They will not receive the update for the Sudamericana items. Starting March 6th, there will be some changes regarding the bronze, silver, and gold items that are found in packs.

The Libertadores and Sudamericana base items will be found in the packs instead of these variants. If you happen to have any player of that kind, then you should know that it will still be a part of your club. The update comes with a new tournament mode and Conmebol integrated into other game modes such as Kick Off and Career. The update is free.

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Guild Wars 2 – Are You Enjoying Shadow in the Ice?

Guild Wars 2 players are busy playing Shadow in the Ice. This is the second episode in The Icebrood Saga. The second episode takes place in Bjora Marches, an area players are already familiar with from the first episode. The second episode continues the story. Players are asked to go to Jora’s Keep where they will meet Jhavi. She has some important information to share with the adventurers.

There is no news from Rytlock and Crecia. Braham thinks he can find them without any help. You must do whatever is necessary to bring your allies back together and face the perils as a team.

By now, you have realized that Bjora Marches are not a welcoming place. And that was only a part of it. The second half of the zone reveals itself to players in the second episode. The new Trials of Koda are waiting for you. Take part in these map events and get rewarded for doing so. The new world boss Drakkar is ready to face the adventurers. New achievements and rewards will be obtained for completing map objectives and for defeating the world boss.

Players should also get ready to take part in a new strike mission. Players will also gain access to new Raven abilities. They will be able to unlock the third tier of essence manipulation. Do you want to dress like a norn Raven Shaman? The new Raven Ceremonial costume gives you the chance to do this. You will also be able to transform your Restored Boreal weapons into Illuminated Boreal weapons.

You can also get minis and many other cosmetic items. There are three new guild hall decorations that can be obtained. Bjora Marches is a cold place and now you can express how you feel about it with the new shiver emote. Shadow in the Ice is available to players that have the Path of Fire expansion.

In a message to the community, the content design lead shed some insight on what’s coming to the game this year. The new episode was released not long ago but developers are already planning the future game releases. Before the third episode will be out, Visions of the Past will be released. This is a new activity. Details will be revealed at PAX East.

Episodes three and four are designed with replayability in mind. A new Fractal is in the works. It will have a challenge mode. The team is looking for ways to keep this content exciting and fresh.

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What You Need to Know About Gearing Up in WoW Classic

WoW Classic is certainly very much different from WoW retail. The gearing up process is one of the aspects that makes the game a unique experience. Some might even call it frustrating. First of all, don’t worry about gear until you are level 55+ or so. Complete as many dungeons as you can and make sure to finish the attunement quests for Molten Core and Onyxia.

You will want to head into those raids as soon as you hit 60. The quests reward plenty of XP and send you in Blackrock Depths, an extremely large dungeon that drops many pre-raid BIS items for all classes. Also, pay attention to the quest rewards too. You might not get any more XP from the quests if you out-level them but you might get a nice armor upgrade.

Those who have played the original WoW vanilla might remember a thing or two about obtaining gear but new players have absolutely no guidance from the game. The first thing new players need to accept is that obtaining gear differs from class to class. Things are not like in retail where each activity, be it dungeon or quest or raid, drops useful gear for your class.

WoW Classic quests don’t reward gear for all classes. Not all dungeons have something useful for you in the direction of gear. You will depend on RNG a lot. It’s possible that you will spend hours in a dungeon and walk away with nothing to show for it. That’s the vanilla experience. Rewards are not guaranteed and the sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner you will make the steps in the right direction. Vanilla is about player interaction so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Another thing that you need to understand is how stats work in WoW Classic.

Unfortunately, secondary stats are hidden from the player but there are useful add-ons, such as Extended Character Stats that will show you all stats. Find out what are the priority stats for your class and role – your main stat might not always be your best one – and look for items with that stat. This is where another add-on comes in handy. The AtlasLoot add-on shows the table loots for all bosses. Browse it so you know which dungeons you need to prioritize.

In some cases, you will need to equip different types of gear. For example, DPS warriors prioritize hit rating that is found on leather and mail gear and not on plate armor.

Keep in mind and work your way to obtaining the best gear for your class.

FIFA 20 – Best Rated Canadian Players

FIFA 20 has lots of ways to rank player items. But have you ever wondered which are the highest-rated players from Canada? Here is a top with Canada’s best OVR footballers.

Atiba Hutchinson is the highest-rated FIFA 20 player from Canada. He plays for Besiktas in Turkey Super League. In the game, he has the center defending midfielder position and the following stats: 65 pacing, 64 shooting, 73 passing, 71 dribbling, 75 defending, and 75 physical.

Center forward Jonathan David follows with 74 OVR. He plays for AA Gent in the Belgium Jupiler Pro League. His attributes are 81 pacing, 73 shooting, 64 passing, 75 dribbling, 25 defending, and 60 physical. There are three more players with 84 OVR. Lucas Cavallini plays for Puebla in Mexico Liga MX. He is a striker with 76 pacing, 73 shooting, 49 passing, 71 dribbling, 33 defending, and 80 physical. Scott Arfield plays for the Rangers in Scotland Premiership. He is a center midfielder with 67 pacing, 68 shooting, 72 passing, 74 dribbling, 62 defending, and 72 physical.

The fourth 74 OVR Canadian player is Junior Hoilett. He plays for Cardiff City in England EFL Championship. In the game, he is a left midfielder with 87 pacing, 71 shooting, 69 passing, 77 dribbling, 35 defending, and 64 physical. Stephen Eustaquio has 73 OVR and 61 pacing, 60 shooting, 72 passing, 71 dribbling, 68 defending, and 79 physical. He has center defending midfielder position.

Eustaquio plays for Cruz Azul in Mexico Liga MX. Alphonso Davies plays for Bayern Munchen in Germany 1. Davies is a left midfielder with 91 pacing, 65 shooting, 61 passing, 75 dribbling, 55 defending, and 70 physical.

Samuel Piette is the second 72 OVR Canadian footballer. He plays for Montreal Impact in the USA Major League. He is a center defending midfielder with 63 pacing, 44 shooting, 60 passing, 64 dribbling, 69 defending, and 80 physical.

Mark-Anthony Kaye from Los Angeles FC and Cyle Larin from Belgian team Zulte Waregem are 71 OVR players. Jonathan Osorio from Toronto FC is a 70 OVR center attacking midfielder with 63 pacing, 67 shooting, 68 passing, 73 dribbling, 54 defending, and 65 physical.

Center back Doneil Henry from Vancouver Whitecaps and center defending midfielder Will Johnson from Orlando City SC are 69 OVR players. The lowest OVR Canadian player is Michael Baldisimo from Vancouver Whitecaps with 51 OVR.

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FIFA 20 – Controller Settings Auto Switching

FIFA 20 is a great game with many modes and features. Players use a complex scheme that allows them to control the footballers’ actions on the field. If you want to be a good player and to win matches, you will have to get used to the game’s controls. Knowing what all the controller settings do and how to customize them is an important factor that determines how good you are when playing. FIFA 20 came with some new controller settings and revisions to the old ones.


The auto switching option has three settings. You can choose between air balls loose balls, auto, and manual. The first option allows the footballer you control to be switched by the computer. This happens in certain situations so don’t worry about the game taking over when you least expect it. If the ball is eight feet or higher in the air, the previously described situation occurs. The game’s AI finds the best candidate that can reach the ball. The direction of the ball is taken into calculation when looking for a player. The auto switch can be triggered by loose balls as well. If the path of the ball is changed by a defender that gets a touch on a pass, then auto switching will kick-off. When auto option is enabled, the game will switch more frequently than with the above setting. In each situation, the game will look for the best player and make the switch. The auto option does not prevent you from switching. You can use the right stick or the player switch button for this. When you enable the manual option, there will be no auto switching from the game. You should keep in mind, that auto switch always happens to the player that is currently controlling the ball.

Auto switch move assistance is another controller setting available in FIFA 20. This setting has three options: none, low, and high. The default option is none. This option enables the player that has been auto switched to move in that direction for a short while. The player will move for longer or for shorter depending on which setting is chosen, low or high. If the none setting is on then there will be no move assistance. You should note that if the footballers are manually switched, the move assistance will have no effect on them, even if the chosen setting is high. There are times when the manually switched player will still move in that direction.

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First Owner Objectives in FIFA 20

FIFA 20 has an activity called First Owner Objectives. Players might remember it from last year. Here is what you need to know about this feature in the new game. For starters, you need to know what first owner means. It means that you got that player from an activity. You can check the first owner status in the game. Go to the player’s bio. This can be easily done by selecting the player and pressing the right stick or the R3 button.

In the item detail panel, you will see a label called Bought For. This is where it says First Owner. The following label called Number of Owners will have the value one. First Owner objectives are objectives that are completed only with first owner players.

For this year’s first owner objectives, the development team had set some goals. One of these goals is about the rewards that come from this activity and others. Players will notice that the rewards from squad building challenges, season objectives, squad battles, and division rivals are much better now. There are also diverse ways that get players more prizes. When completing first owner objectives, players will enjoy more rewards.

Developers also wanted players to experiment more with their teams and to come up with diverse team setups. This is where first owner objectives come again into play as they encourage players to use the footballers and not sell or exchange them. Players have lots of player item cards in their collection so it’s easy to forget about some. That’s why the first owner objectives are such a great addition. They give a purpose to player item cards.

First owner objectives are integrated with the new Icon Swaps features. This is a new feature that gives players the chance to acquire select Icons with special tokens that are obtained by taking part in activities. Players have the chance to check out the first objectives. There are many players from popular leagues that can be used for this activity. The team continues to look for ways that encourage players to make use of all of their cards and to build various teams. Players are also invited to share their feedback on this new feature.

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FIFA 20 Soundtrack Out Now: Does that Sound Good Enough?

We all know that FIFA has always an amazing soundtrack, with well thought sounds that EA fit perfectly in the game speed and atmosphere. FIFA 20 Soundtrack can’t be different, but it is now divided in two: one with 43 songs and another one with incredible 70 sounds for VOLTA – you can expect it to have a little of everything.

Good music with good football, drop in a beer and we have the perfect weekend, right?

You can listen to artists like Skepta, Cautious Clay, ROSALÍA & Ozuna,  and Dennis Lloyd or DJs like Benny Benassi, Leo Justi and JB Scofield to carry on through the experience of playing FIFA 20 in it’s full.

Check some of the songs:

  • The Cracks by Another Sky
  • Come Down by APRE
  • Feel The Vibe (feat. Anderson .Paak) by BJ The Chicago Kid
  • Vámono by Buscabulla
  • Erase by Cautious Clay
  • Before The Moment’s Gone by Child of the Parish
  • Oh My God! by Colouring
  • La Razón del Equilibrio by Danay Suárez
  • Wild West by Dennis Lloyd
  • Phone Numbers by Dominic Fike
  • She Don’t Dance by Everyone You Know
  • Why Did You Run? by Judah & the Lion
  • Stretch It by JB Scofield
  • Interstellar by Louis The Child
  • Que Calor (feat. J Balvin & El Alfa) by Major Lazer
  • What If I Go? By Guernsey
  • Drop It (Donde Quieras) by Myles Parrish
  • Pushing Up by NSG ft. Not3s
  • Where & When ft. Giggs by P Money
  • Make Way For The King by Ohana Bam
  • Type Beat by P-Lo
  • Yo Quiero Beber ft. Young Ash & Zona Oeste by Ruxell

You can listen to the FIFA 20 soundtrack playlist at Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify.

For those that don’t know, the FIFA 20 Early Access is already out, so you can download it at Origin right now. How about you get the game ready, start listening this awesome playlist while training your skills and getting sharp before the official launch? Sounds like a good plan.

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