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Mexico Will Also Have a Madden NFL 19 Tournament!

Just a few moments ago we were informing them of the tournament that will take place in Germany to crown the best player of Madden NFL 19 and we learned that Mexico will also crown its first Aztec champion of the video game of American Football.

All ready to go take the tournament Madden Challenger Mexico, EA Sports Madden NFL 19. Online tournament. All fans of football and video games should not miss it.

The Aztec warrior is about to be crowned

From 14 to 26 November, the regular phase of the online tournament will take place, during which participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, overcome the elimination phase and find a place to reach the finals that will be played and transmitted live on December 8, from the Manacar Shopping Center south of Mexico City.

EA Sports Madden NFL 19 offers a completely new animation and some of the most realistic moves with the introduction of Real Player Motion (RPM) Tech, the movement technology of real players, and improvements to the franchise mode, which allows players to solidify their strategy and build your own NFL team.

The Madden Challenger Mexico tournament will feature a Face-to-Face Final where 32 players will participate, 16 from XBOX and 16 from PlayStation. The winners, one from each console, will have the opportunity to travel to the United States to enjoy the Pro Bowl, which will take place in Orlando, Florida.

For all our dear Mexican readers, assume that we will cover this tournament and announce the winner the following week.

Will you participate in the tournament? Tell us about your experience in tournaments in the comment box below. And follow us for more tips of Madden NFL 19 coins buying.

Best Ultimate Scream Players of FIFA 19

Sergio Busquets is a center defensive midfielder FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream player with an OVR of 89. He plays as a defensive midfielder for Barcelona. He is also part of the national Spain team.

Marco Verratti plays for Paris Saint-Germain football club and he is also part of Italy team. His OVR is 87 and his position is center midfielder.

Pepe has an OVR of 86. This card has a center back position and its best stats are 90 defense and physical. He is part of the national Portugal team and plays for Besiktas football club.

Diego Costa is a striker FIFA 19 Player. His OVR in Ultimate Scream is 86. Diego Costa started playing professional football in 2006. Now he plays for Atletico Madrid and also for the Spain national team.

Mario Mandzukic is another card with the striker position. The 32 years old player is part of Juventus football club. His OVR is 85.

Mario Balotelli is also a striker. His OVR is 85 and his best stats are 90 dribbling and defense. Since 2016 he plays for Nice football club. He is part of the Italy national team too.

Bas Dost has 84 OVR. His position is striker. His Ultimate Scream stats are 90 pace, 83 shooting, 57 passing, 66 dribbling, 45 defense, and 90 physical.

Emil Forsberg has center attacking midfielder position and 83 OVR. He is part of the RB Leipzig club but he also plays for the Swedish national team.

Xherdan Shaqiri is a 27 years old player who plays for Liverpool. His OVR is 82 and his position is right winger.

Hakan Calhanoglu has 81 OVR. His position is left winger and his stats are 71 pace, 75 shooting, 90 passing, 90 dribbling, 59 defense, and 60 physical.

Javier Mascherano is a center defensive midfielder player with 80 OVR. He is a 34 years old player who is currently playing for Hebei China Fortune.

Marouane Fellaini has the same position and OVR as Mascherano. His stats are 45 pace, 72 shooting, 90 passing, 90 dribbling, 75 defense, and 86 physical.

Players now could get these players in game or get them with fifa 19 coins buying service online.

FIFA 19 Game Editions

FIFA 19 is coming soon and players have already started to pre-order their favorite football video game and buy fifa 19 coins. There are different versions available for different platforms so the choice may not be easy if players own multiple gaming platforms. The first decision should be the platform. The game can be played on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The gameplay is different depending on the platform.

The PS 3 and Xbox 360 editions are called the Legacy Edition. The gameplay does not contain this year’s updates and additions, however, it has the new squads and kits. This version is mainly targeted at casual fans. There are three game versions available for PC and current generation consoles. FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch is much better than last year’s version. The game was showcased running at 60 FPS and it was announced that it will have the new features. Players are reminded that online play is possible with a Nintendo Switch subscription. The PC, PS 4, and Xbox One versions are the most complete. Those who are die-hard game fans will opt to get FIFA 19 on one of these platforms.

The standard game edition comes with five Jumbo Premium Gold packs that can be used in Ultimate Team mode. Players will also get a Cristiano Ronaldo loan that will last for seven games. The third reward for this edition are some special kits. The champions edition includes all rewards from the standard version and more. This version comes with 20 packs instead of five, a Neymar Jr loan, a Champions League player pick, and also a three days head start. The ultimate edition has 40 packs and all the goodies included in the champions edition. The game can be bought as a digital download or as a physical game from local retailers. There are also some offers that allow console players to get a 10% discount. It isn’t much but it still something considering that the game is a triple A title. FIFA 19 is also included in Origin Access and Xbox One Access. Origin Premier subscribers get the game for free.

FIFA 19 Made Official the New Skin of Cristiano Ronaldo!

Remember that last week we commented on the concern of the FIFA 19 players about the change of team of Cristiano Ronaldo? Well, at last you know the movement that EA will make.

At the end of last week (almost in the last matches of the 2018 World Cup in Russia), Cristiano Ronaldo gave the world the news that he would change his team. Abandon Real Madrid to join Club Juventus. This was news that left many in shock and others not so much, since this movement was already expected.

The gamers who love FIFA games (mainly FIFA 19) were completely dead of the impatience to know what would happen to Cristiano in FIFA 19. Fortunately this week we could know what was going to happen.

Ronaldo to Juventus

The FIFA 19 simulator was presented a few months ago, before the E3 2018, with Cristiano Ronaldo as the cover. Once finished the Champions League began the decision of the Portuguese to leave Real Madrid.

This change of team would also affect the official FIFA video game. Well, this week the front in Juventus was made official in the EA Sports title, so it was promoted in the social networks of the developer.

Cristiano Ronaldo is next to his new teammates from Juventus, like Dybala and Sami Khedira. The date of update of FIFA 18 with the new international signings has not yet been confirmed.

In other news, rumors have been raised regarding the free downloadable FIFA 19. The title seems to keep the trend of the previous delivery and will make a special update with the UEFA Champions League

Two New Elder Scrolls Online DLCs Coming in 2018

The Elder Scrolls Online development team is relentlessly working on content for the game. The Summerset expansion was just launched with tons of new things to do but more will come later this year. Two new DLCs have been announced. Although there is no fixed release date yet, the official announcement tells us that we should expect the DLCs in the second half of the year. The new expansion is out not for a long time so there is still plenty of content to complete. The first DLC to be released is Wolfhunter. Murkmire will follow.

The Wolfhunter DLC is a dungeon pack that gives adventurers two dungeons. Both of them are about werewolves and Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the Hunt. Even though the dungeons share the main theme, they are distinct locations and will offer different challenges. One dungeon is called Moon Hunter Keep and the other is March of Sacrifices. Both are team dungeons that cannot be completed in solo mode. It takes an entire party to defeat the enemies. Wolfhunter DLC doesn’t bring story quests but there will still be plenty of new things to learn about werewolves when adventuring into the new dungeons. Players can expect to fight against packs of lesser mobs and against bosses. Each boss encounter will be a unique fight. The rewards list includes new sets, masks, and other items that cannot be obtained somewhere else.

The second DLC, Murkmire, will satisfy explorers and lore fans thirst for new zones and quests. The DLC will uncover a new zone on Tamriel’s map. This is players’ chance to step foot into the homeland of the Argonian race. There will be a new story line to discover through quests and lots of additional missions to complete. Adventurers will admire the beautiful ancient Argonian architecture and fight against new foes in delves. World bosses roam these lands as well and there are rewards for those who bring them down. The DLC will also have a new arena. More details about the two DLCs are expected in the near future.


What You Need to Know About PUBG API

PUBG offers an API that permits creators to use data from the game. This is meant for web and software creators. API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s a program that allows two other programs to interact. The Developer API was released about two months ago. Those who want to gain access to it are required to register on the PUBG API website. After registering, users receive a key that allows them to use the API. This software gives users the chance to get data from the game. This can be item details or info and also players’ statistics. Those who are wondering what can be done with this kind of data should think for a second about wiki and statistics pages. Having access to the API simplifies the process of building such community resources. The data can be used in many ways but it cannot be stored. Developers should also know that they can ask monetary compensation for their API built tools, however, they are encouraged to read the Terms of Service first.

Although some basic programming understanding shouldn’t hurt, users don’t need to be experts to start using the API. Talented and committed individuals can learn to use the API even if they lack a programming background. All the necessary documentation is found on the website. It’s not easy learning it without any previous experience but it’s definitely doable. The team encourages rookies to join the Discord channel where they can get in contact with developers that can help them. Nevertheless, creators are advised to make use of the documentation and not rely on getting help from others. The online documentation contains sections like Getting Started which should be read by all those want to create tools using the API. Other documentation chapters are Matches, Telemetry, Players, and such. There is also a section dealing with known issues. In the eventuality of finding bugs and issues, users can alert the team by using the Report an API Bug function.

Madrid or Bayern: who is Better According to FIFA 18?

This Tuesday played at the Santiago Bernabéu one of the best games of the year. Real Madrid and Bayern Münich are playing the Champions League final, after the whites won by 1-2 in the first leg at the Allianz Arena.

A margin that is not enough, which is why everything is about to decide for ninety minutes that promise to be a true heart attack. For this reason and as a preliminary, we have made our own bet based on the performance of both teams in FIFA 18. In this way, we will compare line by line the eleven of both teams facing this vital clash.

The goalkeeper is Keylor
We start the comparison analyzing the duel under the sticks. In this case, there is no discussion: the winner is Real Madrid goalkeeper. With an average of 85 in his normal Ultimate Team card and despite not having taken any IF so far this season, Keylor is still much better than Ulreich. 76 on average has its normal letter.

The defense is more equal than expected
Carvajal’s injury will force Zidane to replace him either Nacho or Lucas Vázquez. Both players are below average with respect to Kimmich, called to be Germany’s right-back for many years. 84 is the average of your normal letter. Fifa fans could get them with fut 18 coins cheap in transfer market.

In the other positions, the targets are slightly imposed. Varane (85) wins by one to Süle (84). Same situation for Marcelo (87), who surpasses in one the average of David Alaba (86). On the other hand, Sergio Ramos (average 90) is imposed on Hummels (87).

The middle of the field is clear
In the duel of defensive midfielders, Javi Martínez and Casemiro draw 86 on average have both in their normal gold cards. However, they have nothing to do worthy Thiago Alcántara (88) and Thomas Müller (86) against the superb letters of Kroos (90) and Modric (89). The meringues are undoubtedly two of the best midfielders in the game.

On the attack, Madrid is the master
When your team plays not only the best scorer of the whole game, but also the best FIFA 18 players cheap, it is difficult that you do not win in the offensive comparative. Cristiano Ronaldo with his impressive average 94 is imposed on an excellent Lewandowski (94). For his part, Gareth Bale (89) does the same when compared to James (86), while Ribéry and his average 86 are imposed on 84 of Marco Asensio.

FIFA 18 – Three Most Ralistic Fatures

Real player motion technology. This feature was added to the game starting with FIFA 18 so it’s something new even for EA FIFA veterans. It’s an animation system that makes movement on the field more fluid and more realistic. The interesting thing about it is the amount of work that went into the creation of this feature. Real football players like the famous Cristiano Ronaldo were motion captured while playing football. Developers were then able to recreate their moves. Players will notice that the game now has signature moves from players like Antoine Griezmann and Raheem Sterling. More control over the ball was added with a new feature called crossing control. Watching game replays and footage in FIFA 18 is as realistic as it has ever been in the entire franchise.

Immersive environment. The development team did a great job at recreating footballers’ moves on the field but the experience wouldn’t be complete without what goes on around the field as well. This includes the arena, the crowd, and other elements that make football games so exciting. The game received new arenas and stadiums that recreate real world venues. The crowd is not just a mass of people. Special attention was dedicated when creating the spectators. They will cheer and support their favorite teams and get fut 18 players. Elements like player banners, localized atmosphere, and pitch graphics complete the experience and make it truly amazing. The replay camera allows players to re-watch key moments from different points of view.

Presentation and broadcast package. The last constituent of the football atmosphere is the commentary and broadcast. A big part of the football experience is brought by the ones who comment the game. Before being broadcast and available to watch on screen, matches were listened to on the radio so it was extremely important to have a lively commentator. FIFA 18 players will be happy to know that this aspect was not overlooked. It’s time to buy fifa 18 account and start game. A new presentation package for Premier League is part of the game. There are also new broadcast packages for La Liga and Major League Soccer.

FIFA 18 – Ultimate Team for Newbies

The first thing that FIFA 18 players need to know about Ultimate Team is that is a mode that is just as expansive as a standalone game. It’s a way to play the game and one of the most popular modes. There are lots of players that dedicate more time to Ultimate Team than to other game modes. The official estimations count millions of international users enjoying this mode on a daily basis. Card collecting is the foundation on which the mode is built. Players acquire cards and create teams. Cards represent football players. The appeal of this mode is that there are no restrictions when creating the team. Footballers that belong to adversary clubs in the real world can be colleagues in Ultimate Team. But the purpose of the mode is not just team creation. These teams are used to take part in all sorts of activities. There are competitive multiplayer activities but also single player challenges.

Ultimate Team brings real life happenings into its mechanics. Football players are updated based on how they perform in real matches. There are in-game events during which players who have great games in real life will have certain attributes improved. All players begin their journey into this mode with just one pack. This is enough for them to make a team. More players are acquired by buying packs, by earning them, and by trading. Coins are the currency used in this mode. Players get coins as a reward. Store packs are bought with coins. The transfer market (players market) uses coins as well.

This mode is so popular that an entire community formed around it. This community includes not just the millions of players but also content creators and streamers. It’s recommended to watch them. There are plenty of tips and tricks that are picked up from them and they are also entertaining to watch. Ultimate Mode has an e-sports side as well. Competitions for the best UT players in the world are organized. Tournaments are held at popular locations and online transmissions allow everyone to watch the show.

What you need to know about FIFA 18 Manchester Ultimate Team Tournament

FIFA 18 is an important presence in the world of e-sports. One of the most important events, the Global Series, is set to take place in April 2018. This is the FUT Champions Cup where 128 players will compete for a chance to go further and for the audience’s entertainment. The competition is fierce as only eight players for each console will be able to qualify for the next phase which is the playoffs. The event is scheduled to begin on the 13th of April and it will last for three days. Those who can make it to Manchester, England are invited to head over to Victoria Warehouse and watch the show in person. Those who aren’t that lucky or prefer to watch online should check out the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the YouTube and Twitch channel, to see the live streams and news about the tournament.

The previous tournament, the one held in Barcelona at the start of this year, was quite a show. There is a new format for the tournament that makes games spectacular. The chosen format is Swiss style. Participants will be placed in group stages that are decided based on the console players are using. Those who score four wins get to go to the next stage. Losing four matches removes the player from the competition. There were some moments in the previous tournament that will not be easily forgotten. The competitors are the best FIFA 18 players in the world so we can expect moments just as exciting and even better at the Manchester event. Fans have a chance to see some familiar faces as some of the Manchester competitors were also present in the Barcelona tournament. Former world champions and rising stars will be competing for the same rewards.

Speaking of prizes, the top competitors are given monetary compensation. The lowest prize is $1,000. Half of the players will get rewards. The winner gets $22,000. The total prize pool is $200,000. Not everyone could get prize, but we have a chance to get free FIFA 18 Account online too by joining giveaways.

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