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FIFA 23 – Five EXCITING features we’re yet to see

Place a FUT 23 coins order on U7Buy and we will process it and safely deliver your coins right away! FIFA 23 has brought us a lot of excitement so far this year, but we all know there is room for improvement.

With that in mind, we wanted to take a look at five more things in this year’s game that are sure to generate a lot of excitement.

FIFA 23 new features

FIFA 23 is a fantastic live game these days, and we’re not just talking about Ultimate Team.

While FUT will get the most love, there are still many additions to be made that will make FIFA 23 an even better game from top to bottom.

More real scans

We’ve already received word that FIFA 23 will soon add some new real face scans, and Premier League stars will look better than ever.

Not only is it the batch that promises to bring a new level of realism to this year’s game, we’re sure to see new and updated scans throughout the year.

New Scan – Lots of new faces coming in FIFA 23

New scanners for newly promoted teams such as Forest, Bournemouth and Fulham will arrive in due course, while other Premier League managers could also get real touches.

EA has been working hard to make FIFA look and feel more authentic than ever and will continue to improve over the next few months.

Team of the Year

The World Cup content might add some extra fun to Ultimate Team, but Team of the Year will take things to the next level.

In one of the most exciting promotions of the year, Team of the Year will celebrate 2022’s best stars with stunning cards from Ultimate Team.

While a Team of the Year release date has yet to be confirmed, we expect it to launch shortly after the World Cup with a host of incredible superstars earning amazing cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

new stadium

Not only will new face scans appear in FIFA 23 in the coming months, but new stadiums will soon be appearing in FIFA 23 as well.

Nottingham Forest ignited the title last year, securing promotion to the Premier League.

OLD HOME – The City Ground coming to FIFA 23

Steve Cooper’s side have long played on FIFA’s Ivy Lane, but that looks set to change early next year when the City Stadium is officially scanned for inclusion in this year’s competition.

Stadiums could arrive early next year, but those dates could change due to scan times.

rating update

There will be plenty of rating updates in January as new players and stadiums continue to emerge.

The stars who proved EA wrong during the first half of the season will receive well-deserved upgrades, and these new ratings will play out across all modes.

Certain upgraded stars will also receive new FUT items to reflect their top performance.

The obvious contenders for such an upgrade so far include Youssouffa Moukoko, Miguel Almiron and pretty much the entire Arsenal squad.

future tease

As we all know, FIFA 23 will be the final collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA.

That being said, we don’t know much about the features in the newly named EA Sports FC.

Big Future – EA Sports FC Coming in 2023

FIFA have already started teasing their tactical changes, but EA hasn’t revealed much so far.

It’s well worth keeping your eyes peeled over the next few months, as FIFA 23 could be the perfect playground to test out exciting new ideas that could bring something incredible to the game of football. exciting future.

FIFA 23 75+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade and Robbie Keane SBC Solution

Catch the best FUT 23 coins price and deals only on U7Buy! FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has received numerous upgrades through SBC this year.

Now with the World Cup, although EA gave us a chance to earn a great package with 5 World Cup players.

Here’s how to get it.

75+ FIFA World Cup Player Upgrades SBC

You’ll only have one week to win this awesome bundle in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Start Date: Saturday, November 12
Deadline: Saturday, November 19

SBC requirements

You only need to submit a squad to unlock this pack for your collection:

75+ FIFA World Cup player upgrades, minimum bronze player level, minimum 1 silver player, 6 players

Reward – 1 x 75+ FIFA World Cup Player Upgrade Pack

Estimated cost: 1.65k coins

SBC Solutions

You can complete this SBC with the following players:

75+ FIFA World Cup player upgrades

Find out how to complete the SBC for Robbie Keane’s new World Cup hero item, and the cheapest way to bring the deadly striker to the FUT 23 team.

Robbie Keane (OVR 88)

Start Date: Sunday, November 13
Due Date: Sunday, December 27

SBC requirements

To unlock the level 88 card, you need to submit 6 teams. The requirements are as follows:

Premier League

At least 1 Premier League player with a minimum squad rating of 84

Reward – 1 x Premium Gold Pack

top notch

At least one official player with at least 85 squad rating

Reward – 1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Level 86 squad

At least 1 official player with a minimum squad rating of 86

Reward – 1 x Premium Gold Player Pack

Level 87 squad

Minimum Squad Rating 87

Reward – 1 x Prime Gold Players Pack

Level 88 squad

Minimum Squad Rating 88

Reward – 1 x Rare Player Pack

Level 89 squad

Minimum Squad Rating 89

Reward – 1 x Rare Mega Pack

Estimated cost – 1.91 million coins

This is only one of many options that easySBC AI can provide. Try it out at easysbc.io to get your own answer.

FIFA 23 Faivre SBC: Ligue 1 speedster receives EPIC new Rulebreakers item

Place an order for cheap FIFA 23 coins on U7Buy and safely receive the coins in no time! The Rulebreakers event has kicked off in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and the insane first-team is now available in packs.

We’ve seen a lot of rumours of breaking the rules, including a great player pick David Alaba SBC, which is coming in the next few days.

For now, though, French winger Romain Faivre has received the Rulebreakers SBC item in FUT 23. Check out his card and how to unlock it below.

Roman Pfeiffer (OVR 86)

Start Date: Friday, October 14

Due Date: Friday, October 21st

SBC requirements

You will need to submit two squads to unlock Faivre’s new item in FUT 23.

Requirements are as follows:

top form

At least one Team of the Week player

Minimum 83 squad rating

Reward – 1 x Gold Player Pack

Ligue 1 1

At least one Ligue 1 player

Minimum of two players with a minimum OVR of 85

Minimum 84 squad rating

Reward – 1 x Gold Player Pack

Estimated cost: 46k


You can complete the Romain Faivre Rulebreakers SBC with the following players.

top form

Ligue 1 1


This is a nice new project, no more and no less.

The Rapid 93 Acceleration is great for players who want to create a yard and pass or shoot.

Faivre’s alternatives are CAM and RW, so you can bring him into midfield if you want.

The French star is physically strong and has a strength of 86, making it very useful in a midfield trio.

Ultimately, we won’t go out of our way to unlock new Faivre items unless you already have enough resources to complete this challenge.

FIFA 23 OTW: FULL Ones to Watch squad REVEALED including SBC and Objectives players

Before we start, make sure Buy FUT 23 coins at the best price on U7buy today! We’re stuck with FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the first promotion of the year is about to be cancelled.

Check out the full Players to Watch list here.

watch players

EA just revealed the full Ones to Watch lineup, and 20 players will receive a live card!

We know that Erling Haaland, Raheem Sterling, Darwin Nunez and Richarlison will be playing, while Angel Di Maria has already played via SBC.

The full list of players and how they will be released is below:



Robert Lewandowski (OVR 91)

Sadio Mane (OVR 89)

Erling Harland (OVR 88)

Antonio Rudiger (OVR 87)

Paulo Dybala (OVR 86)

Gabriel Jesus (OVR 83)

Aurelien Tchouameni (OVR 82)

Nico Schlottbeck (OVR 82)

Darwin Nunes (OVR 82)

Anthony (OVR 82)

Corentin Tolisso (OVR 81)

Taylor Adams (OVR 76)

The following players will be packaged for release during the mini-launch:

Matisse de Licht (OVR 85)

Steven Bergwijn (OVR 80)

Renato Sanchez (OVR 80)

Single Board Computer:

Raheem Sterling (OVR 86)

Frank Casey (OVR 84)

Angel Di Maria (OVR 84)


Richardson (OVR 81)

Sergi Nordest (OVR 77)

release date and time

The dates and times for most releases have also been announced, as follows:

Monday 26 September – Di Maria SBC

– Di Maria SBC, Friday, September 30 – Main Lineup, Richarlsion Objectives

– Main team in pack, Richarlsion goal, Sunday 2nd October – Mini version added to pack

– The mini version was added to the pack on Thursday, October 6th – Sterling SBC

All releases are at 1pm ET/6pm BST.

We don’t have a date for Dest Objectives or Kessie SBC, however, we think they’ll also come when the OTW sale drops on Friday, September 30th.

FIFA 23 Best Passers: CONTROL the game with these PERFECT Playmakers

FIFA 23’s viewing week is underway, and the latest upgrades and relegations will be available to us before the full database is released! Don’t stress about FIFA 23 coins because U7Buy is here for you!

If your goal is to control the game with precision passing, whether in Ultimate Team mode or Career mode, we’ve got you covered with all the names that should be on your wishlist.

Below, you can find a list of FIFA 23’s top passers.

If you want one-touch players, these players are for you. The top 10 passers of FIFA 23 are listed below:

Kevin De Bruyne (OVR 91 – PAS 93)
It’s no surprise to see Kevin De Bruyne at the top of the list of the best passers, with his 93 PAS stat putting him three spots ahead of his next opponent.

In fact, if you’re looking for someone with better stats than him, you have to check out the Prime Icon Moment cards, and even then there are only five!

Cross, Tony (OVR 88 – PAS 90)
Hopefully we’ll see speed play a more balanced role in FIFA 23, and if that’s the case then we’ll probably see Tony Kroos getting more play.

The German has enjoyed high ratings over the years and has been one of the best passers in the game, but his speed has let him down.

Daniel Parejo (OVR 86 – PAS 90)
Daniel Parejo is often at the top of the top passer but not recognized by the rest of the roster.

Like Kroos, he has a slow tempo but can control the tempo with the best surrounding.

Lionel Messi (OVR 91 PAS 90)
He remains one of the highest rated cards in the game, and while his pace may have dropped, Lionel Messi can still spot a killer pass.

Probably best used as a CAM right now, his top passing and dribbling attributes make for a brutal combination.

Luka Modric (OVR 88 – PAS 89)
Age is a meaningless number for modern footballers, and Luka Modric is proof.

Not only is he one of the best passers around, but he doesn’t seem to slow down with age either.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (OVR 87 – PAS 89)
Trent Alexander-Arnold has a lot to offer defensively, but one thing is for sure, he has a killer cross.

He’s unlike any player we’ve ever seen, a playmaker and an RB.

Christian Erickson (OVR 82 – PAS 88)
Eriksen is known for his vision and is a staple of any midfield team.

He will retain his overall and passing stats in FIFA 23 and remains a good option.

Bruno Fernandez (OVR 86 – PAS 88)
Bruno Fernandes is a killer playmaker and one of the hardest-working players to ignore.

Despite the slight dip in numbers, he’s still one of the best passers in the game.

Marco Verratti (OVR 87 – PAS 87)
Paris Saint-Germain’s mini-guru Marco Verratti can easily play in midfield.

Not only is he a master passer, but he also has great dribbling skills, and despite his size, his defense is very effective.

Joshua Kimmich (OVR 89 – PAS 87)
Whether you’re looking for a cross into the box, a short 2-pointer, or a slant on the pitch, Joshua Kimmich has you covered.

The Munich native has played in multiple positions over the years, but looks most at ease in his current CDM position and is able to roam around.

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