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Madrid or Bayern: who is Better According to FIFA 18?

This Tuesday played at the Santiago Bernabéu one of the best games of the year. Real Madrid and Bayern Münich are playing the Champions League final, after the whites won by 1-2 in the first leg at the Allianz Arena.

A margin that is not enough, which is why everything is about to decide for ninety minutes that promise to be a true heart attack. For this reason and as a preliminary, we have made our own bet based on the performance of both teams in FIFA 18. In this way, we will compare line by line the eleven of both teams facing this vital clash.

The goalkeeper is Keylor
We start the comparison analyzing the duel under the sticks. In this case, there is no discussion: the winner is Real Madrid goalkeeper. With an average of 85 in his normal Ultimate Team card and despite not having taken any IF so far this season, Keylor is still much better than Ulreich. 76 on average has its normal letter.

The defense is more equal than expected
Carvajal’s injury will force Zidane to replace him either Nacho or Lucas Vázquez. Both players are below average with respect to Kimmich, called to be Germany’s right-back for many years. 84 is the average of your normal letter. Fifa fans could get them with fut 18 coins cheap in transfer market.

In the other positions, the targets are slightly imposed. Varane (85) wins by one to Süle (84). Same situation for Marcelo (87), who surpasses in one the average of David Alaba (86). On the other hand, Sergio Ramos (average 90) is imposed on Hummels (87).

The middle of the field is clear
In the duel of defensive midfielders, Javi Martínez and Casemiro draw 86 on average have both in their normal gold cards. However, they have nothing to do worthy Thiago Alcántara (88) and Thomas Müller (86) against the superb letters of Kroos (90) and Modric (89). The meringues are undoubtedly two of the best midfielders in the game.

On the attack, Madrid is the master
When your team plays not only the best scorer of the whole game, but also the best FIFA 18 players cheap, it is difficult that you do not win in the offensive comparative. Cristiano Ronaldo with his impressive average 94 is imposed on an excellent Lewandowski (94). For his part, Gareth Bale (89) does the same when compared to James (86), while Ribéry and his average 86 are imposed on 84 of Marco Asensio.

FIFA 18 – Three Most Ralistic Fatures

Real player motion technology. This feature was added to the game starting with FIFA 18 so it’s something new even for EA FIFA veterans. It’s an animation system that makes movement on the field more fluid and more realistic. The interesting thing about it is the amount of work that went into the creation of this feature. Real football players like the famous Cristiano Ronaldo were motion captured while playing football. Developers were then able to recreate their moves. Players will notice that the game now has signature moves from players like Antoine Griezmann and Raheem Sterling. More control over the ball was added with a new feature called crossing control. Watching game replays and footage in FIFA 18 is as realistic as it has ever been in the entire franchise.

Immersive environment. The development team did a great job at recreating footballers’ moves on the field but the experience wouldn’t be complete without what goes on around the field as well. This includes the arena, the crowd, and other elements that make football games so exciting. The game received new arenas and stadiums that recreate real world venues. The crowd is not just a mass of people. Special attention was dedicated when creating the spectators. They will cheer and support their favorite teams and get fut 18 players. Elements like player banners, localized atmosphere, and pitch graphics complete the experience and make it truly amazing. The replay camera allows players to re-watch key moments from different points of view.

Presentation and broadcast package. The last constituent of the football atmosphere is the commentary and broadcast. A big part of the football experience is brought by the ones who comment the game. Before being broadcast and available to watch on screen, matches were listened to on the radio so it was extremely important to have a lively commentator. FIFA 18 players will be happy to know that this aspect was not overlooked. It’s time to buy fifa 18 account and start game. A new presentation package for Premier League is part of the game. There are also new broadcast packages for La Liga and Major League Soccer.

FIFA 18 – Ultimate Team for Newbies

The first thing that FIFA 18 players need to know about Ultimate Team is that is a mode that is just as expansive as a standalone game. It’s a way to play the game and one of the most popular modes. There are lots of players that dedicate more time to Ultimate Team than to other game modes. The official estimations count millions of international users enjoying this mode on a daily basis. Card collecting is the foundation on which the mode is built. Players acquire cards and create teams. Cards represent football players. The appeal of this mode is that there are no restrictions when creating the team. Footballers that belong to adversary clubs in the real world can be colleagues in Ultimate Team. But the purpose of the mode is not just team creation. These teams are used to take part in all sorts of activities. There are competitive multiplayer activities but also single player challenges.

Ultimate Team brings real life happenings into its mechanics. Football players are updated based on how they perform in real matches. There are in-game events during which players who have great games in real life will have certain attributes improved. All players begin their journey into this mode with just one pack. This is enough for them to make a team. More players are acquired by buying packs, by earning them, and by trading. Coins are the currency used in this mode. Players get coins as a reward. Store packs are bought with coins. The transfer market (players market) uses coins as well.

This mode is so popular that an entire community formed around it. This community includes not just the millions of players but also content creators and streamers. It’s recommended to watch them. There are plenty of tips and tricks that are picked up from them and they are also entertaining to watch. Ultimate Mode has an e-sports side as well. Competitions for the best UT players in the world are organized. Tournaments are held at popular locations and online transmissions allow everyone to watch the show.

What you need to know about FIFA 18 Manchester Ultimate Team Tournament

FIFA 18 is an important presence in the world of e-sports. One of the most important events, the Global Series, is set to take place in April 2018. This is the FUT Champions Cup where 128 players will compete for a chance to go further and for the audience’s entertainment. The competition is fierce as only eight players for each console will be able to qualify for the next phase which is the playoffs. The event is scheduled to begin on the 13th of April and it will last for three days. Those who can make it to Manchester, England are invited to head over to Victoria Warehouse and watch the show in person. Those who aren’t that lucky or prefer to watch online should check out the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the YouTube and Twitch channel, to see the live streams and news about the tournament.

The previous tournament, the one held in Barcelona at the start of this year, was quite a show. There is a new format for the tournament that makes games spectacular. The chosen format is Swiss style. Participants will be placed in group stages that are decided based on the console players are using. Those who score four wins get to go to the next stage. Losing four matches removes the player from the competition. There were some moments in the previous tournament that will not be easily forgotten. The competitors are the best FIFA 18 players in the world so we can expect moments just as exciting and even better at the Manchester event. Fans have a chance to see some familiar faces as some of the Manchester competitors were also present in the Barcelona tournament. Former world champions and rising stars will be competing for the same rewards.

Speaking of prizes, the top competitors are given monetary compensation. The lowest prize is $1,000. Half of the players will get rewards. The winner gets $22,000. The total prize pool is $200,000. Not everyone could get prize, but we have a chance to get free FIFA 18 Account online too by joining giveaways.

FIFA 18 Champions Cup Barcelona champion

These days the FIFA 18 Champions Cup Barcelona was held, the first qualifying stop to reach this year’s FIFA eWorld Cup, the new EA Sports world competition with FIFA itself.

Among all the players, one stood out especially for his tremendous skill in FIFA 18, which progressed without stopping in the Barcelona tournament, becoming crowned champion with only 16 years, earning the praise of all those present for the achievement.

This shows that eSports do not discriminate by age, being “DhTekKz” a clear example of this, becoming an example to follow for all those young electronic sportsmen who dream of being professional players of their favorite video games.

Directly from EA’s Twitter:

Congratulations to 16 year old sensation and Xbox Division winner! Will the wonderkid from the UK go all the way in Barcelona?

In addition to this, the 32 players who qualified directly to the first date of the FIFA eWorld Cup playoffs, 16 of each Xbox One platform and PlayStation 4, were known, this young player being among them.

Directly from EA’s Twitter:

Congratulations to the 16 players who’ve made it Into the # FIFA18 Global Series Playoffs this June

What do you think about this? Would you have liked to compete in the finals? You competed, but you did not reach the finals? Tell us how it went in the comment box.

For FIFA 18 playing, the most important items are to have more fifa 18 coins that can help you to buy more better players, and then the more game you will win.

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