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FIFA 19 – Women’s World Cup France 2019

FIFA 19 is getting a new mode called FIFA Women’s World Cup. The mode may be new but the real event it is based on was founded in 1991. The tournament takes place once every four years. This year, the event is happening in France. FIFA 19 players have the chance to play a mode that is based on this tournament.

FIFA Women’s World Cup has 22 national teams. The complete list of teams can be consulted on the official website and, of course, in the game. USA, Argentina, Thailand, Canada, Brazil, and Germany are some of the teams that are available. The mode features authentic FIFA Women’s World Cup details such as ad boards, the stadium, clothing, and more. Stade de Lyon is the stadium that hosts the final. The real-world event will take place on July 7th.

If you are interested in this new way to play FIFA 19 with women FUT 19 Players, go to the Kick-Off Menu. You will find the new mode there. However, we have some bad news for Nintendo Switch players. The final match cannot be played on this console. It is reserved for PC, PS4, and Xbox One users. While the final match is not available, players will still have access to the new teams. The teams do not feature the authentic roster in its entirety, but there will be updates. You will notice that some teams have generic players. While we would like to see all the original players we are confident that they will be added in future game installments. For now, we are glad that a new cup is part of the game. The ratings of the players that are based on real footballers will change based on how they fare in the real event. This new activity is available via a free update. If you own the game, all you have to do is to wait for it to update. If the game doesn’t update automatically, check the internet connection and the troubleshoot section on the official website.

You Can Vote for Your Favorite TOTS!

EA Sports announces the date of the next Team of the Season, available from next May 10 after the votes of the community.EA Sports announces the date of the next Team of the Season, available from next May 10 after the votes of the community.Finally, EA Sports has confirmed the launch date of the TOTS, that is, the Team of the Season or Team of the Season, a starting eleven and its reserves chosen by the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team community that will be announced next Friday. May 10, 2019; thus, we can already participate in the election of our favorite players through two web pages enabled for it.At our disposal we have 100 players selected by EA Sports thanks to its excellent season, yes, with a small condition: not having been part of the TOTY. With everything, we have to select a total of 23 players distributed in their respective demarcations in the field of play. Of course, the voting will be closed one day before the presentation of TOTS.
On the other hand, it is expected that during the coming weeks the TOTS of the different leagues of the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team will be presented. Recall that among the players available for the Team of the season are names of the likes of Ibrahimovic, Ter Stegen, Thiago, Sergio Busquets, Alex Telles, Banega, Canales, Carrasco or Felipe, among many others.Once the TOTS players are presented, their cards will be available in the envelopes for a limited time in the following weeks; all of you could buy fut players tots safe and cheap. On the other hand, it is likely that some players are also part of future SBC or Squad Builder Challenge.
Then we leave you with the requirements of TOTS:
• Total number of players: 23• Maximum number of the same league: 5• Minimum number of goalkeepers: 2• Minimum number of defenses: 6• Minimum number of midfielders: 6• Minimum number of forwards: 3

EA Sports Reveals Changes to FIFA 19 Update # 7

EA Sports has released today on PC and soon on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the update # 7 of FIFA 19. This update collects some of the errors that the community has reported in recent months. In summary mode the effectiveness of the shots with Time Finishing and the movements of the goalkeepers has been updated.

In detail, the community had complained that the use of Time Fishing resulted in many goals even when you did not achieve the green color. Now the yellow shots will be much worse than they were before the update, rewarding even more who gets to hit the ‘tempo’.
But also the shots in green will be reduced its effectiveness. Now hitting Time Finishing will not guarantee a shot that is practically a goal.

If the shots that we made in red already gave bad results, now they will also be much worse. With this will try to get much more reward the good that this feature.

In addition to hit to get a shot in green will also be more complicated after the update, it will reduce the margin we have to get a perfect shot.

Powerful shots also receive changes, both those that use Time Finishing and those that do not, reducing all their effectiveness.

Regarding shots, the precision in the heads-up against the goalkeeper has been reduced slightly, here you can see an example before the update 3, where this aspect has already been modified, currently, and after the patch.

Another main change is the speed of movement to which the goalkeepers move when controlled by the player. After the patch will reduce the speed at which the goalkeeper moves when we control them manually. Here you can see two videos showing the status of the goalkeeper before and after the patch:
These are the main changes that will soon come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and that affect PC users from today. If you want to know the full list of changes, you can go to the official page of the game.

FIFA 19 Made Official the New Skin of Cristiano Ronaldo!

Remember that last week we commented on the concern of the FIFA 19 players about the change of team of Cristiano Ronaldo? Well, at last you know the movement that EA will make.

At the end of last week (almost in the last matches of the 2018 World Cup in Russia), Cristiano Ronaldo gave the world the news that he would change his team. Abandon Real Madrid to join Club Juventus. This was news that left many in shock and others not so much, since this movement was already expected.

The gamers who love FIFA games (mainly FIFA 19) were completely dead of the impatience to know what would happen to Cristiano in FIFA 19. Fortunately this week we could know what was going to happen.

Ronaldo to Juventus

The FIFA 19 simulator was presented a few months ago, before the E3 2018, with Cristiano Ronaldo as the cover. Once finished the Champions League began the decision of the Portuguese to leave Real Madrid.

This change of team would also affect the official FIFA video game. Well, this week the front in Juventus was made official in the EA Sports title, so it was promoted in the social networks of the developer.

Cristiano Ronaldo is next to his new teammates from Juventus, like Dybala and Sami Khedira. The date of update of FIFA 18 with the new international signings has not yet been confirmed.

In other news, rumors have been raised regarding the free downloadable FIFA 19. The title seems to keep the trend of the previous delivery and will make a special update with the UEFA Champions League

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