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Elder Scrolls Online – Xanmeer Crown Crate Season

A new crate season has started in Elder Scrolls Online. The new crates are Argonian themed. These crates are called Xanmeer crates. They contain exotic items from the native lands of the Argonian race. Xanmeer is an architectural particularity of the Black Marsh. Ancient Argonians built these ziggurats that are known as Xanmeer. The buildings are sturdy constructions that have lasted for thousands of years. Their purpose is not quite known but one thing is clear. These abandoned ruins are teeming with valuables. Everyone wants some mysterious Argonian relics. Elder Scrolls Online players can acquire many relics from Xanmeer crates that are available from the crown store.

The Xanmeer crown crates season starts in December. Players who are curious to see what’s inside these ancient crates are invited to check out the crown crate section of the store. They will find many Argonian artifacts. These items are not to be found in any other part of the world. So if you want some unique collectibles then you need to acquire these crates. A Xanmeer crate may contain pets, style, costumes, mounts, and many other things of value.

If you want to borrow the looks of an Argonian, you can now do so thanks to the new skin available in the Xanmeer crates. The Big-Throat Scale Skin allows any race to get a unique Argonian customization. A new memento, Vossa-satl, can also be found inside the crates. What’s better than a bear and a lizard mount? A bear-lizard mount. This unique looking mount is a giant bear with a lizard’s head. Two other half lizard mounts are available. If the bear is not to your liking, maybe the horse lizard or the wolf lizard will match your style. The guar-lizard, senche-lizard, and camel-lizard mounts complete the collection. If you want a full Argonian look, then you can not miss the chance to give your two-handed ax a new style. The Voriplasm weapon style is part of the crates’ contents. Players can also get some collectibles from the past such as the lantern mantis and shock pitcher household items. Don’t miss these items, cheap Elder Scrolls Online gold and more in the new Xanmeer crate.

FIFA 18 – Three Most Ralistic Fatures

Real player motion technology. This feature was added to the game starting with FIFA 18 so it’s something new even for EA FIFA veterans. It’s an animation system that makes movement on the field more fluid and more realistic. The interesting thing about it is the amount of work that went into the creation of this feature. Real football players like the famous Cristiano Ronaldo were motion captured while playing football. Developers were then able to recreate their moves. Players will notice that the game now has signature moves from players like Antoine Griezmann and Raheem Sterling. More control over the ball was added with a new feature called crossing control. Watching game replays and footage in FIFA 18 is as realistic as it has ever been in the entire franchise.

Immersive environment. The development team did a great job at recreating footballers’ moves on the field but the experience wouldn’t be complete without what goes on around the field as well. This includes the arena, the crowd, and other elements that make football games so exciting. The game received new arenas and stadiums that recreate real world venues. The crowd is not just a mass of people. Special attention was dedicated when creating the spectators. They will cheer and support their favorite teams and get fut 18 players. Elements like player banners, localized atmosphere, and pitch graphics complete the experience and make it truly amazing. The replay camera allows players to re-watch key moments from different points of view.

Presentation and broadcast package. The last constituent of the football atmosphere is the commentary and broadcast. A big part of the football experience is brought by the ones who comment the game. Before being broadcast and available to watch on screen, matches were listened to on the radio so it was extremely important to have a lively commentator. FIFA 18 players will be happy to know that this aspect was not overlooked. It’s time to buy fifa 18 account and start game. A new presentation package for Premier League is part of the game. There are also new broadcast packages for La Liga and Major League Soccer.

FIFA 18 – Ultimate Team for Newbies

The first thing that FIFA 18 players need to know about Ultimate Team is that is a mode that is just as expansive as a standalone game. It’s a way to play the game and one of the most popular modes. There are lots of players that dedicate more time to Ultimate Team than to other game modes. The official estimations count millions of international users enjoying this mode on a daily basis. Card collecting is the foundation on which the mode is built. Players acquire cards and create teams. Cards represent football players. The appeal of this mode is that there are no restrictions when creating the team. Footballers that belong to adversary clubs in the real world can be colleagues in Ultimate Team. But the purpose of the mode is not just team creation. These teams are used to take part in all sorts of activities. There are competitive multiplayer activities but also single player challenges.

Ultimate Team brings real life happenings into its mechanics. Football players are updated based on how they perform in real matches. There are in-game events during which players who have great games in real life will have certain attributes improved. All players begin their journey into this mode with just one pack. This is enough for them to make a team. More players are acquired by buying packs, by earning them, and by trading. Coins are the currency used in this mode. Players get coins as a reward. Store packs are bought with coins. The transfer market (players market) uses coins as well.

This mode is so popular that an entire community formed around it. This community includes not just the millions of players but also content creators and streamers. It’s recommended to watch them. There are plenty of tips and tricks that are picked up from them and they are also entertaining to watch. Ultimate Mode has an e-sports side as well. Competitions for the best UT players in the world are organized. Tournaments are held at popular locations and online transmissions allow everyone to watch the show.

NBA 2K18 – Pro Stick Shooting Joy-Con controls

A quick guide on how to perform Pro Stick shooting moves with the Joy-Con controllers when playing NBA 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch.

Pro Stick shooting moves can be done by NBA 2K18 players in games. The Nintendo Switch has a unique control scheme thanks to its proprietary controllers called Joy-Cons. These can be used both at the same time while mounted on what is known as the Joy-Con Grip. This will offer the classic controller experience.

Players can also attach the Joy-Cons to the console to enjoy the game in portable mode. NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch offers a multiplayer option that is not available on other platforms. Two users can play NBA 2K18 using the same console. Each user will have one Joy-Con. In fact, local multiplayer supports up to four players on two Nintendo Switch consoles.

When using this control option, players must first select it from the console’s menu. They must also attach the Joy-Cons to the strap or use a single Joy-Con grip. The straps come with the bundle but the single Joy-Con grip is purchased as a separate accessory. The controls are different for each Joy-Con. Here is how to perform Pro Stick shooting moves with the left Joy-Con. A hop gather move is done by pressing the left arrow button. For a spin gather move, players must first press Sr and then double tap the left arrow button. These moves need to be performed while the player is either driving or standing.

While the player is driving towards the hoop, a euro step layup can be done by double tapping the left arrow button. If players are using the right Joy-Con, they will need to press different buttons. The hop gather move is done when B is pressed. The spin gather is done while the player is standing or driving. The Sr button will be pressed and B will be double tapped. The euro step layup move can be done while the player is driving towards the basket. B must be double tapped for this move. The rest of the Pro Stick moves such as pump fake, jump shot, and such cannot be performed with this control option. NBA 2K18 MT are playing the important role in game playing, which can let you have some better players to help you to win the games.

FIFA 18 Champions Cup Barcelona champion

These days the FIFA 18 Champions Cup Barcelona was held, the first qualifying stop to reach this year’s FIFA eWorld Cup, the new EA Sports world competition with FIFA itself.

Among all the players, one stood out especially for his tremendous skill in FIFA 18, which progressed without stopping in the Barcelona tournament, becoming crowned champion with only 16 years, earning the praise of all those present for the achievement.

This shows that eSports do not discriminate by age, being “DhTekKz” a clear example of this, becoming an example to follow for all those young electronic sportsmen who dream of being professional players of their favorite video games.

Directly from EA’s Twitter:

Congratulations to 16 year old sensation and Xbox Division winner! Will the wonderkid from the UK go all the way in Barcelona?

In addition to this, the 32 players who qualified directly to the first date of the FIFA eWorld Cup playoffs, 16 of each Xbox One platform and PlayStation 4, were known, this young player being among them.

Directly from EA’s Twitter:

Congratulations to the 16 players who’ve made it Into the # FIFA18 Global Series Playoffs this June

What do you think about this? Would you have liked to compete in the finals? You competed, but you did not reach the finals? Tell us how it went in the comment box.

For FIFA 18 playing, the most important items are to have more fifa 18 coins that can help you to buy more better players, and then the more game you will win.

How to manage NBA Live 18 Ultimate Team

NBA Live 18 was recognized as being one of the most improved sports games of 2017 and part of this appreciation is thanks to Ultimate Team. This mode became popular because it allows players to create any team they like and to put it to the test in various ways. Team customization and management are UT features. Players have a set of tools that are used to organize the team. The active lineup is the feature that permits team managers to see which basketball players are assigned to take part in games. Users can view their players and make all sorts of decisions.

There are lots of basketball players that can be collected so users will have to make a selection and to decide who will be part of the team. The active lineup feature allows players to make changes in the team setup by changing basketball players’ positions. Having the right basketball player in the right position is of great importance. This can make the difference between a loss or a win. Depending on their position, basketball players will make better use of team play and perform better. It’s possible to swap a player’s position. All users have to do is to highlight the desired player, use the F button, select another player, and press F again to complete the interchange.

There is also the possibility to make upgrades by looking for better players. To do this, users will first have to highlight the player they wish to replace and then press the S key. The Actions menu will open. The option that has to be used is called Swap with Franchise. This will remove the basketball player from the lineup. Users can select another player from the franchise. Should users wish to leave the spot empty, they need to select Send to Franchise option. It’s not possible to take part in matches with an incomplete team. Team managers can get rid of unwanted items by turning them into coins. Players can also access customization features. They are free to personalize jerseys and coaches.

NBA Live Mobile – Get ready for the Daily Shootaround live event

Daily Shootaround is an NBA Live Mobile live event that rewards players with a token per day and grants them a Pro Pack in exchange for five tokens.

NBA Live Mobile Season 2 is starting to settle in and players are already getting familiar with the new features and changes. Live events, one of the most played activities in Season 1, is still a part of the game with more content and, of course, even more rewards. The live events system was tweaked to accommodate the new lineup system. Players will notice there are live events that use the classic lineup and live events that use the NBA lineup. Daily Shootaround is a Season 1 live event that is available to play in Season 2 as well. After all, players were promised that their favorite live events won’t go away.

Players first need to navigate to the live events map from the home screen or from the side panel menu. Once the live events map is open, they should look for the event named “Daily Shootaround”. Each Daily Shootaround event has a 24 hours time limit. The remaining time can be seen under its name. Tapping on the event reveals details, rewards, and requirements. Players will get coins and a special token that has the same name as the event the first time they complete it.

The event is free to play, meaning that it has no stamina fee. As the name implies, the event is available each day. The event is very easy to win so it’s a great opportunity for beginners to get some nice rewards. It only takes a couple of minutes to win the event and the Daily Shootaround token. After players have acquired five event tokens they will be able to claim a Pro Pack. This pack costs 7,500 coins and 150 NBA cash. Three basketball players are found in this pack: one bronze, one silver, and one gold. This event gives players a chance to get one Pro Pack every five days for free. The obtained player can be used to improve the team or to train other players.

Social Networks for NBA Live Mobile

NBA Live Mobile has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram so players have a lot to learn just by following these accounts.

NBA Live Mobile on Facebook. The official page is called EA SPORTS NBA LIVE. This is the page for the entire franchise so news about NBA Live Mobile as well as NBA Live 18 will be posted here. Details about programs and other blog posts are on this page too. It’s also possible to message this page so this is an additional way to get in contact with an EA staff member.

NBA Live Mobile on Twitter. Just like the Facebook account, this one too covers the entire NBA Live franchise. Unless followers are also interested in NBA Live 18 news, it may be a bit annoying at first but once fans learn how to spot NBA Live Mobile only announcements it will become really easy to follow. Twitter has a character limit so the news will always be delivered as succinct and informative as possible. This is the quickest way to get info about the game as all news is first posted on Twitter. Players also have the chance to participate in official and community contests when they follow NBA Live Mobile on Twitter. In some cases, the proof of completing requirements for a challenge is to post a screenshot on Twitter.

NBA Live Mobile on YouTube. As we all know, YouTube is about videos so players have the chance to watch game related videos here. Truth be told, there is not much info found here and all the videos are embedded in tweets and Facebook posts so players don’t necessarily have to go to YouTube to watch them. However, there is a wealth of NBA Live Mobile info that can be learned from YouTubers. The ones that post the most valuable and informative content get shared on the official NBA Live Mobile Twitter account so it’s easy to find out about them.

NBA Live Mobile on Instagram. Only pictures and movies can be posted here so this is not the best place to stay updated but it’s really easy to interact with other players and discuss the game. All the pictures posted on other networks are neatly gathered here so fans can quickly find them.

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