We are going to continue with this guide. Las time we talk about the importance of getting used to the movements. Now it´s the time to start planning a strategy.

Bright strategies are achieved with strong bodies
A word you should never forget while playing Madden 18 is STRATEGY. This game is not only won with skill, but the real key is knowing how to take advantage of your team, what you have in the banking and one or another talent out there that is not in the starting line-up.

Before moving any kind of strategies and training, you must first know your team and what it specializes in. For this, access from the selection menu or PAUSE and press RB or R1 to enable the COACHING chart. Later in the DEPTH CHART box, once inside a menu will be displayed with all players available in the template. The first option will be Quarterback. In this option you must pay special attention that the statistics of OVR and AWR are above 75, this is reflected in a better performance for your Quarterback. Get him for your team with Madden NFL 18 coins will help win easier in matches.

To change the position grid, hold down RT or R2 and a window will appear on the right side, then press up or down to toggle through the options of your entire team.

The number of players and positions is very extensive, but we summarize you in what you must set to select the best. For offensive positions, without being runners, we recommend that you pay attention in STR, ACC and AGI, these statistics must have between 74 and 82 so that your offensive players have the necessary strength but without leaving aside the technique.

For runners and receivers you must pay attention in SPD, ACC and ELU, if in these three statistics the player has more than 74, he is an excellent candidate to remain in your squad, because it is the most necessary for the player to develop as a great receiver

In defensive positions, pay special attention to OVR, STR and ACC having a number greater than 72, if the players own it, do not doubt that your defensive line will be a wall during the Super Bowl.