FIFA 18 is an important presence in the world of e-sports. One of the most important events, the Global Series, is set to take place in April 2018. This is the FUT Champions Cup where 128 players will compete for a chance to go further and for the audience’s entertainment. The competition is fierce as only eight players for each console will be able to qualify for the next phase which is the playoffs. The event is scheduled to begin on the 13th of April and it will last for three days. Those who can make it to Manchester, England are invited to head over to Victoria Warehouse and watch the show in person. Those who aren’t that lucky or prefer to watch online should check out the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the YouTube and Twitch channel, to see the live streams and news about the tournament.

The previous tournament, the one held in Barcelona at the start of this year, was quite a show. There is a new format for the tournament that makes games spectacular. The chosen format is Swiss style. Participants will be placed in group stages that are decided based on the console players are using. Those who score four wins get to go to the next stage. Losing four matches removes the player from the competition. There were some moments in the previous tournament that will not be easily forgotten. The competitors are the best FIFA 18 players in the world so we can expect moments just as exciting and even better at the Manchester event. Fans have a chance to see some familiar faces as some of the Manchester competitors were also present in the Barcelona tournament. Former world champions and rising stars will be competing for the same rewards.

Speaking of prizes, the top competitors are given monetary compensation. The lowest prize is $1,000. Half of the players will get rewards. The winner gets $22,000. The total prize pool is $200,000. Not everyone could get prize, but we have a chance to get free FIFA 18 Account online too by joining giveaways.