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NBA 2K21: How to Skip Scenes

The animated scenes that NBA 2K21 has us are generally incredible to see, but we may be eager to see what is going to happen next or just play once and for all, do not worry that in this guide you we will teach how to achieve this.

The truth is that to perform this action is very simple. All you have to do is hold down the X button on PlayStation 4, the A button on Xbox One, or the B button on Nintendo Switch to skip the scene that is playing.

It will not automatically activate as a protection against accidental pressing of these buttons during a scene, so be sure to hold the button until you are taken to a new scene or game segment.

You can do this as many times as necessary so don’t worry about what might happen. As to whether something might be missing by skipping cutscenes in, it will depend on what the player is willing and wanting to see in the game.

Seeing the full story behind the rise of your created character in the NBA ranks can bring you many surprises, even if you decide to skip the scenes it will prevent you from seeing the entire journey and all its facets. On the other hand, if you just want to play and compete in matches against other players, you won’t miss out on much by forgoing the title cinematics.

Now that you know how to skip scenes in NBA 2K21 you can advance faster in the game without worrying about what happens in the game. If you are enjoying NBA 2K21, don’t forget you can buy NBA 2K MT coins on MTStacks store!

NBA 2K21 – Season 4 The Return Rewards Collection

The NBA has returned and NBA 2K21 is celebrating this event with Season 4. Seasons are a new game concept introduced in the 2020 game installment. Each season has a theme, activities, and rewards. Season 4 is called The Return. It has many ways to acquire rewards. Each mode has an associated collection of cards. We will now take a look at the grand rewards that are part of The Return collection.

Kawhi Leonard is a galaxy opal card. With 98 OVR, it is among the highest-rated Season 4 cards. The position of this item is small forward/shooting guard and the stats are 90 outside scoring, 84 inside scoring, 92 defending, 93 athleticism, 80 playmaking, and 62 rebounding. The card shows the player when he was with the Los Angeles Clippers team. Kemba Walker is an item card that has 95 OVR. This is a point guard/shooting guard with the pink diamond quality. The attributes are 94 outside scoring, 78 inside scoring, 79 defending, 93 athleticism, 90 playmaking, and 48 rebounding. Nicolas Batum is a player from the Portland Trail Blazers. He has 93 OVR and the small forward/power forward position. The attributes are 84 outside scoring, 71 inside scoring, 83 defending, 84 athleticism, 80 playmaking, and 73 rebounding. Batum’s is a diamond card. Robert Covington from the Philadelphia 76ers is part of The Return rewards too. This is a point forward/small forward card with 91 OVR. The stats on this item are 84 outside scoring, 79 inside scoring, 85 defending, 83 athleticism, 74 playmaking, and 75 rebounding. This is an amethyst card. Wesley Matthews has a ruby card. It’s an 89 OVR item with the shooting guard/small forward position. It has 87 outside scoring, 78 inside scoring, 84 defending, 87 athleticism, 78 playmaking, and 57 rebounding. Jabari Parker represents the Milwaukee Bucks. He has 85 OVR. The position of this sapphire card is point forward/small forward. It has 85 outside scoring, 85 inside scoring, 71 defending, 84 athleticism, 68 playmaking, and 66 rebounding. Trey Burke has an item with 82 OVR. It is an emerald card with the point guard/shooting guard position. The stats are 87 outside scoring, 71 inside scoring, 67 defending, 83 athleticism, 85 playmaking, and 44 rebounding.

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