NBA Live Mobile has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram so players have a lot to learn just by following these accounts.

NBA Live Mobile on Facebook. The official page is called EA SPORTS NBA LIVE. This is the page for the entire franchise so news about NBA Live Mobile as well as NBA Live 18 will be posted here. Details about programs and other blog posts are on this page too. It’s also possible to message this page so this is an additional way to get in contact with an EA staff member.

NBA Live Mobile on Twitter. Just like the Facebook account, this one too covers the entire NBA Live franchise. Unless followers are also interested in NBA Live 18 news, it may be a bit annoying at first but once fans learn how to spot NBA Live Mobile only announcements it will become really easy to follow. Twitter has a character limit so the news will always be delivered as succinct and informative as possible. This is the quickest way to get info about the game as all news is first posted on Twitter. Players also have the chance to participate in official and community contests when they follow NBA Live Mobile on Twitter. In some cases, the proof of completing requirements for a challenge is to post a screenshot on Twitter.

NBA Live Mobile on YouTube. As we all know, YouTube is about videos so players have the chance to watch game related videos here. Truth be told, there is not much info found here and all the videos are embedded in tweets and Facebook posts so players don’t necessarily have to go to YouTube to watch them. However, there is a wealth of NBA Live Mobile info that can be learned from YouTubers. The ones that post the most valuable and informative content get shared on the official NBA Live Mobile Twitter account so it’s easy to find out about them.

NBA Live Mobile on Instagram. Only pictures and movies can be posted here so this is not the best place to stay updated but it’s really easy to interact with other players and discuss the game. All the pictures posted on other networks are neatly gathered here so fans can quickly find them.