NBA Live 18 was recognized as being one of the most improved sports games of 2017 and part of this appreciation is thanks to Ultimate Team. This mode became popular because it allows players to create any team they like and to put it to the test in various ways. Team customization and management are UT features. Players have a set of tools that are used to organize the team. The active lineup is the feature that permits team managers to see which basketball players are assigned to take part in games. Users can view their players and make all sorts of decisions.

There are lots of basketball players that can be collected so users will have to make a selection and to decide who will be part of the team. The active lineup feature allows players to make changes in the team setup by changing basketball players’ positions. Having the right basketball player in the right position is of great importance. This can make the difference between a loss or a win. Depending on their position, basketball players will make better use of team play and perform better. It’s possible to swap a player’s position. All users have to do is to highlight the desired player, use the F button, select another player, and press F again to complete the interchange.

There is also the possibility to make upgrades by looking for better players. To do this, users will first have to highlight the player they wish to replace and then press the S key. The Actions menu will open. The option that has to be used is called Swap with Franchise. This will remove the basketball player from the lineup. Users can select another player from the franchise. Should users wish to leave the spot empty, they need to select Send to Franchise option. It’s not possible to take part in matches with an incomplete team. Team managers can get rid of unwanted items by turning them into coins. Players can also access customization features. They are free to personalize jerseys and coaches.