A quick guide on how to perform Pro Stick shooting moves with the Joy-Con controllers when playing NBA 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch.

Pro Stick shooting moves can be done by NBA 2K18 players in games. The Nintendo Switch has a unique control scheme thanks to its proprietary controllers called Joy-Cons. These can be used both at the same time while mounted on what is known as the Joy-Con Grip. This will offer the classic controller experience.

Players can also attach the Joy-Cons to the console to enjoy the game in portable mode. NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch offers a multiplayer option that is not available on other platforms. Two users can play NBA 2K18 using the same console. Each user will have one Joy-Con. In fact, local multiplayer supports up to four players on two Nintendo Switch consoles.

When using this control option, players must first select it from the console’s menu. They must also attach the Joy-Cons to the strap or use a single Joy-Con grip. The straps come with the bundle but the single Joy-Con grip is purchased as a separate accessory. The controls are different for each Joy-Con. Here is how to perform Pro Stick shooting moves with the left Joy-Con. A hop gather move is done by pressing the left arrow button. For a spin gather move, players must first press Sr and then double tap the left arrow button. These moves need to be performed while the player is either driving or standing.

While the player is driving towards the hoop, a euro step layup can be done by double tapping the left arrow button. If players are using the right Joy-Con, they will need to press different buttons. The hop gather move is done when B is pressed. The spin gather is done while the player is standing or driving. The Sr button will be pressed and B will be double tapped. The euro step layup move can be done while the player is driving towards the basket. B must be double tapped for this move. The rest of the Pro Stick moves such as pump fake, jump shot, and such cannot be performed with this control option. NBA 2K18 MT are playing the important role in game playing, which can let you have some better players to help you to win the games.