The Elder Scrolls Online development team is relentlessly working on content for the game. The Summerset expansion was just launched with tons of new things to do but more will come later this year. Two new DLCs have been announced. Although there is no fixed release date yet, the official announcement tells us that we should expect the DLCs in the second half of the year. The new expansion is out not for a long time so there is still plenty of content to complete. The first DLC to be released is Wolfhunter. Murkmire will follow.

The Wolfhunter DLC is a dungeon pack that gives adventurers two dungeons. Both of them are about werewolves and Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the Hunt. Even though the dungeons share the main theme, they are distinct locations and will offer different challenges. One dungeon is called Moon Hunter Keep and the other is March of Sacrifices. Both are team dungeons that cannot be completed in solo mode. It takes an entire party to defeat the enemies. Wolfhunter DLC doesn’t bring story quests but there will still be plenty of new things to learn about werewolves when adventuring into the new dungeons. Players can expect to fight against packs of lesser mobs and against bosses. Each boss encounter will be a unique fight. The rewards list includes new sets, masks, and other items that cannot be obtained somewhere else.

The second DLC, Murkmire, will satisfy explorers and lore fans thirst for new zones and quests. The DLC will uncover a new zone on Tamriel’s map. This is players’ chance to step foot into the homeland of the Argonian race. There will be a new story line to discover through quests and lots of additional missions to complete. Adventurers will admire the beautiful ancient Argonian architecture and fight against new foes in delves. World bosses roam these lands as well and there are rewards for those who bring them down. The DLC will also have a new arena. More details about the two DLCs are expected in the near future.