CS: GO players have the chance to acquire a premium item called viewers pass. This is an item that became available with the Katowice 2019 Major. It costs $10 and it can also be sent and received as a gift. The pass can be bought during the Major tournaments. Only one pass can be activated per account. Players who get this item unlock a coin, packages, a challenge, and some bonuses for the duration of the event.

The challenge is called Pick ‘Em. Pass owners can access it through the tab called Watch. This is a simple activity that allows players to pick the winners of the upcoming events. Players don’t need to buy team stickers for this activity. Making the correct picks will upgrade the event coin. However, this is not the only way to upgrade it. This can also be done by watching live games. Players can access the view coin challenges option to see all the ways through which they can upgrade the coin. It may take a few hours for the rewards to become available. Those who are watching through Twitch should make sure that they’ve correctly linked their Twitch and Steam accounts. The coin will upgrade three times. It starts as bronze. The first upgrade is silver, the second is gold, and the third one is diamond. Team graffiti is also part of the season pass. Players have unlimited graffiti as long as the event is running. If you want to change the team graffiti, just go to the choose team graffiti section. The souvenir packages that are included in the viewers pass are obtained when the coin is upgraded. In the past, they were randomly acquired when pass owners were watching the tournament. When players are eligible to receive a souvenir package, they will get a redeem souvenir option under the event coin. Packages can be sold on the Steam market. Players have until the end of March to claim their souvenir packages. The pass also includes some Steam chat bonuses.

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