FIFA 19 is getting a new mode called FIFA Women’s World Cup. The mode may be new but the real event it is based on was founded in 1991. The tournament takes place once every four years. This year, the event is happening in France. FIFA 19 players have the chance to play a mode that is based on this tournament.

FIFA Women’s World Cup has 22 national teams. The complete list of teams can be consulted on the official website and, of course, in the game. USA, Argentina, Thailand, Canada, Brazil, and Germany are some of the teams that are available. The mode features authentic FIFA Women’s World Cup details such as ad boards, the stadium, clothing, and more. Stade de Lyon is the stadium that hosts the final. The real-world event will take place on July 7th.

If you are interested in this new way to play FIFA 19 with women FUT 19 Players, go to the Kick-Off Menu. You will find the new mode there. However, we have some bad news for Nintendo Switch players. The final match cannot be played on this console. It is reserved for PC, PS4, and Xbox One users. While the final match is not available, players will still have access to the new teams. The teams do not feature the authentic roster in its entirety, but there will be updates. You will notice that some teams have generic players. While we would like to see all the original players we are confident that they will be added in future game installments. For now, we are glad that a new cup is part of the game. The ratings of the players that are based on real footballers will change based on how they fare in the real event. This new activity is available via a free update. If you own the game, all you have to do is to wait for it to update. If the game doesn’t update automatically, check the internet connection and the troubleshoot section on the official website.