SWTOR is hosting an event called Nar Shaddaa Nightlife. Players are invited to visit the Star Cluster and Club Vertica to test their luck. There are many one of a kind rewards that can be won from this event’s activities. This is a casino themed event that allows players to play slot machines. There are two of them available. The Smuggler’s Luck is a slot machine that rewards players with chips, currency, and a buff. Make sure you have a Smuggler’s Casino Chip as you will need it to play this slot machine. Look for a hospitality droid and buy one from it in exchange for 2,000 SWTOR credits. You can get casino chips as a reward for playing this machine. The golden certificates are a type of event currency that is exchanged at event vendors for all sorts of unique items. Make sure to play this machine before the other one. You might get the Feeling Lucky buff that increases your odds with the other slot machine.

The Kingpin’s Bounty is the other slot machine. You will need chips that can be bought for 75,000 credits. If you are not willing to spend this money, make sure to play the other machine first as you can win the chips from it. The Kingpin’s Bounty rewards you with all the currency from the first machine and with additional prizes. The Vectron BWL Wraith mount is one of them. Companions and a type of currency called cartel market certificates can also be won. These certificates are spent at Fleet vendors for rare items.

If you have missed the event rewards from previous years, you have the chance to get them. Customizations, armor sets, and mounts from past Nar Shaddaa Nightlife events can be acquired. The new rewards include stronghold decorations. The Gamorrean bodyguard companion that used to drop from Kingpin’s Bounty can now be bought with golden certificates. You have until July 30th when the event ends to get these fabulous prizes.