Let us start with the basics. The demo is very large. You will need more than 30 GB of free space in order to download it. The content of the demo justifies the size of the file. First, you will be able to test the character creation in MyPlayer. The creation tool seems to offer a large variety of customization options. You can shape his face and facial hair to create a unique character. You can also choose the set of skills of your character. You can test the gameplay of the mode in a test match opposing the Los Angeles Clippers to the Milwaukee Bucks.

You can also play a simple match in the classic Quick Game mode. The available teams for the mode are the Boston All-Time Celtics, the Los Angeles All-Time Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Milwaukee Bucks. That mode will allow the players to fully test the new gameplay improvements of NBA 2K21. The All-Time Lakers team will let you play with the late Kobe Bryant. Talking about the Quick Game mode, 2K has taken a disputable approach with their demo. You can only play five matches in that mode.

However, after playing reaching the five matches limits, you can still test the gameplay with 2KU. That mode will serve as a training session allowing you to grasp the specificities of the new gameplay. Fans have already started testing the Pro Stick system. The right stick will now allow the players to shoot using a target instead of a timing gauge; and will also allow them to perform various dribbles. The 2KU mode will help the fans to master the new shooting system before the release of the game.

In terms of graphics, the game is acceptable. However, we can expect a few improvements when the full game launches. The reactions of the fans who played the demo are mostly positive. The new gameplay features are well received and the hype around the game is higher than ever. The game launches soon, we will see if the good reviews carry on to the full game.

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(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)