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How To Get Blade & Soul Battle Pass Season 2 and Master Pass Rewards

The Hongmoon store has some items that will help players gain advantages. Battle Plaques are available for 2400 Ncoins. Battle Potions cost 40 Ncoins each, but you get a discount when you buy in bulk. The 150-potion bundle costs 3600 Ncoins. The purchase, however, is limited to one per account. A similar deal is available for the Master Pass Plaques and Potions. The difference is that potions come in bundles of 10 and 100 and you can get only one of each type per account. Both passes begin at level one. Players complete missions to level up their passes. We have daily and weekly missions. To complete these missions, players will have to clear specific dungeons and do quests. The potions we’ve mentioned earlier give XP. You get it even if you don’t complete the missions. It’s a good idea to use all your potions before the season ends because they cannot be used in other seasons. The only way to get all the seasonal rewards is to complete all the missions. The Plaques are used for bonus rewards. Taking part in this content is easy. Locate the Battle Pass icon in the game and click on it. The Battle Pass content will be revealed. The Master Pass content can be found under the tab with the same name. You will see what missions are available. Complete them for XP. Players get rewards for each rank. You can get the prizes as soon as you level up, or claim more at the same time. Each character can complete missions. The progress is account-wide. Let’s take a look at the rewards. Flame, ocean, earth, wind, nature, and lightning sky stealer crystals can be earned. We also have elder and nocturnal scales on the table. The prize list also includes XP charms, various types of orbs, sacred vials, and stones.