FUT Hero Cards are a great addition to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and their number continues to grow in FIFA 23.

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LATEST – Additional heroes added
Ahead of FIFA 23’s launch, a new FUT hero roster has been leaked, revealing all the extra players who will be joining Ultimate Team.

When the new FUT Heroes were officially announced, all the leaked names were included except one – Ledley King.

There has been speculation for months about whether he will actually be in the game, further speculation when he was able to be scoured on the FUT transfer market, but he still hasn’t turned up.

Then, on Friday, January 6th, King finally appeared in-game, available for free loan through the Moments Store, and his Base cards were added to the player pool in packs.

What is a FUT hero?
FUT Hero Cards are a new item in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team that introduce some retired fan-favorite players to the game.

Initially, these were considered one level below the icons by the FIFA community, however, as the season progressed, some FUT heroes became better than many of the icons.

19 FUT Hero cards were released in FUT 22, and FUT 23 started with 21 new FUT Heroes – and one was added to the mid-term event – so the roster now has 41.

All FUT heroes have a base version, some of them received upgraded FIFA World Cup FUT heroes during FUT 23’s World Cup event, more enhanced versions may appear in further promotions.

chemical reaction
With the chemistry rework introduced in FUT 23, FUT Heroes now work slightly differently.

If they play in the right positions, they will always have a complete chemistry themselves.

They will then give two Chemistry points to any player who shares the same league as them.

FUT Hero Card Types
FUT Heroes has two confirmed card types, Basic and World Cup.

The Base version will be available from launch, and the World Cup cards will arrive on Friday, November 11.

We expect to see more types in other promotions, with upgraded versions appearing in FUT 22’s FUT Captains and Shapeshifters campaigns.

New FUT heroes
The FUT hero roster has more than doubled in FIFA 23, with 21 more former players handing in a card.