Sense Blizzard Entertainment has set a release date of June 6, 2023, and there’s a lot of chatter surrounding the game, Diablo 4, at the moment. The hottest topic should be Server Slam beta. Every player can take the test to find out about their service and game performance. Now, try all 5 courses and find out which one to choose.

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Barbarian – A Diablo staple

Every D4 to play Love Barbarian, the most direct melee class! With their screaming battle cries, the barbarian’s powerful close-range damage allows them to leap down like beasts and crush their enemies. Their high speed of movement also allows them to always stay one step ahead of their opponents, meaning they always come out on top in a fight. Rage, gained when using basic attacks and lost at the end of combat, is their use of skills.

Bleeding status effect for barbarians

This feature will increase damage resistance by 10%, which makes the class more beginner-friendly and accessible. In fact, this effect elevates the Barbarian to be the easiest class to pick up in many single-player scenarios, unless facing enemies at a distance. The lack of effective ranged options in their skill attempts makes them the most difficult class to deal with enemies at a distance.

Armory Mechanic

Many skills in the Diablo series may require specific types of weapons, such as bludgeoning, two-handed, etc. But in this version, barbarians will be an exception, they can switch weapons to activate various skills and cycle attacks as needed.

Rouge – versatile and challenging

Compared to a savage fighting machine, the Rouge is not so friendly to novices. In fact, this profession is one of the most challenging roles, and they are versatile and dexterous. Players should rely on their quick sprinting trait to avoid the most unwanted attacks. Therefore, rough is never afraid of long-distance enemies, but close-range opponents.

Rouge’s unique specialty

Combo Points are the first specialization unlocked after lev. 15 Complete the quest titled “True Potential”. Unique effect that may be activated by skills, requiring combo points to use (same as Barbarian’s Rage). Every basic attack will fill up this new attack bar and will be displayed above the skill bar. The number of combinations of Combo Points is three.

Inner Sight is the second specialization unlocked after lev. 20. This specialization allows Rouge to mark specific enemies, and each attack on the marked object will increase the mana slot. When this gauge is full, they gain four seconds of infinite energy.

Infusion System – Frost, Shadow and Poison

Rogue skill trees are divided into three infusion types. Players should choose these instill skills to increase the damage of their skills. The most powerful aspect is that this additional effect applies to whatever ability they use next. In other words, the skills of thieves can be instilled!

Necromancer – Balance of playstyles

As a historical S-class class since Diablo II, the Necromancer doesn’t have any notable disadvantages against enemies up close or far away. They have a variety of ways to crush evil, including resurrecting undead minions, exploding corpses, using the power of bones and poison. Their blood magic can control crowds and even convert damage into health.

Book of the dead

Skeletal Warriors are the first type of Reaper to have the first skill. They are divided into three classes: Skirmishers, Defenders and Reapers.

Skeletal mages include shadow mages, cold mages, and bone mages. Cold mage, usually used with the second perk, just for extra fragility and crowd control. Bones also adds a ton of damage compared to that, which is also overwhelming, but the rush of blood makes for a process change.

Sorcerer- High magic damage and ranged

In many RPGs, as opposed to melee (e.g. barbarians), wizards are able to deal massive amounts of magic damage to enemies at incredibly high ranges. As a downside, they can’t take much damage. Given their effective crowd control spell abilities, this class is perfect for the cautious solo player.

How do spells utilize the different elements?

The wizard-specific class quest is called “Wizard: Legacy of the Magi”. This is the first slot that unlocks their spells, which allow the class to provide passive procs. In particular, frost spells are very effective for crowd control, with the effect cooling down anything it hits and slowing things down considerably. Fire spells are usually used for AOE (area of effect) damage, and cause a burning effect. At the same time, lightning spells deal massive damage, resulting in fatal blows to objects.

Druid – Has good crowd control

Like the barbarian, this class also focuses on melee damage in most scenarios. They can change shape between Werewoldf and Werebare. The former has fast attack speed and high damage, while the latter provides additional AOE and stronger health. At the same time, this class also brings a little more flexibility than other classes (excluding Rouge). Instantly, they’re not as fleshy as the barbarians, but you can still absorb damage from the central structure.

Animal spirits

The druid’s animal spirit system not only allows them to transform into wolves or bears, but also allows them to have animals as companions. Players can choose from one of 4 spirits at a time, which offer unique bonuses called Boons.

Efficiently build your class

Finding effective ways to build your class at the start of the season means improving in many ways compared to players your age. After the beta version, there is a lot of instruction in every course that we talked about before. Based on their unique skill sets and strengths, we strongly recommend that players take the most time-saving approach and take full advantage of the characteristics of the class before thinking about your personal build.

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