“In this Diablo 4 Gold Farm Guide, you will learn how to earn gold fast in Diablo 4. There are many ways to get gold, but this technique is the most efficient for the early stages of the game. I was able to reach gold 4 using this method.

This method will enable you to craft Diablo 4 Gold and Legendary items in no time. The Gold Farm loop takes about 5-8 minutes, depending on how fast you kill the monsters in the dungeon. You can make about 20-40,000 gold every 5 minutes with this method in the early game.” Click here to find out more about Diablo 4 Gold strategy!

How to farm Gold in Diablo 4

“If you want to farm gold in Diablo 4, you should head to Anica’s Claim dungeon. This dungeon is east of Kyovashad, and the nearest waypoint is the Bear Tribe Refuge, which is north of the dungeon. Make sure you unlock this waypoint so you can travel faster when you farm gold. Before you can access Anica’s Claim dungeon, you need to clear Malnok Stronghold first. After you free Malnok, the dungeon will show up on your map.
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Here are the steps to farm gold in Anica’s Claim dungeon:
Setp 1: Enter the Dungeon
Setp 2: Kill Monsters & Elites
Setp 3: Reset Dungeon when inventory is full
Step 4: Teleport to the city to sell items
Step 5: Use Teleporter to get to the dungeon entrance, and
Step 6: Restart……”

Why Anica’s Claim Dungeon?

“Anica’s Claim is a great place to farm gold and legendary items. Many elite enemies in the dungeon will drop the Animus, a valuable resource that can provide you with rare and legendary items. In some cases, you can also find Temples of Greed, which increase your gold income from killing enemies in the dungeon. Even if you can’t find a Shrine of Greed, you may find another Shrine that provides a damage buff or other benefit.

Depending on your farming goals, you can either reset the dungeon when your inventory is full, or complete the entire dungeon.

For gold panning, teleport to cities and sell items when inventory is full. You can earn tons of gold from items and Animus. Sometimes you can’t get to a locked door and have to go back.

Complete the dungeon and defeat all enemies and bosses to earn the legend. They are more likely to drop legendary items than regular enemies. You can also get more Animus and coins.”

How to correctly reset the Dungeon to farm Gold in D4

Dungeon farming can be a lucrative way of earning gold in D4, especially when you know how to reset the dungeon. By following the steps outlined above and remaining diligent, you can reap the rewards of farming elite enemies and Animus carriers, earning enough gold to progress further in the game.

Dungeon farming is a popular way of earning gold in D4, and resetting the dungeon is an efficient approach. To reset the dungeon and farm gold, you must first teleport back to the city when your inventory is full. Once there, sell your items and Animus to the vendor, which will free up space in your inventory.

Next, use the teleporter to return to the dungeon entrance and then enter the dungeon once again, where you will see that it has reset. Continue to repeat this process until you’ve earned enough gold. However, note that if you leave the dungeon for too long, it might not reset. Thus, it’s important to return quickly after selling your items.

Moreover, make sure not to complete the dungeon or defeat the boss if you plan to reset it. Instead, just focus on farming the first section of the dungeon, where there are more elite enemies and Animus carriers. This part of the dungeon is generally easier and faster to farm, making it an ideal location for earning gold in D4.

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