FUT Season 7 is coming to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, bringing us a whole new set of rewards. Need more FIFA 23 coins to get the TOTS players? Come to U7BUY and buy some!
The Team of the Season rules Season 6, and the Ultimate TOTS Squad also kicks off for the FUT Season 7!
Find everything you need to know about FUT Season 7 in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team below, including details on release dates, promotions and rewards.

FUT Season 7 Release Date
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 7 kicks off on Thursday, June 8.
The new season will be live in FUT at 3AM ET / 8AM BST, bringing a series of new content that will last approximately six to eight weeks.

Storyline Player Picks
Season 6 brought us some exciting rewards with a Player Pick option for every 5th level as well as some choice packs, so we could see something similar in FUT Season 7.
Usually, we get a Storyline Player Pick at levels 15 and 30, although not always, there were no picks in season 3 and only one player (two versions of Future Star Folarin Balogun) in season 4.
TOTS Moments, Flashback and FUT Birthday Icon cards are available, the community would be very happy if we had a similar option!
We’re not quite sure how EA will handle Storyline rewards this time around, as they’ve been using the standard formula throughout the season.

FUT Season 7 Rewards
As always, there will be plenty of rewards, including packs, tifos, badges, and other consumables in the new season.
For example, the full list of rewards for FUT 23 Season 6 is as follows:
LVL 1 – 1 x 1000 Coin Boost for 10 matches
LVL 2 – 1 x Draft Token Pack
LVL 3 – 1 x Gold Pack
LVL 4 – 1 x Lightning Stadium Theme
LVL 5 – Gio Reyna TOTS Moments (OVR 91) OR Five 85+ Players Pack
LVL 6 – 1 x Power Up Badge
LVL 7 – 1 x Premium Gold Pack
LVL 8 – 1 x Tifo Pick
LVL 9 – 1 x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
LVL 10 – Dimitri Payet TOTS Moments (OVR 91) OR Ten 85+ Players Pack
LVL 11 – 1 x 80+ Rare Gold Player
LVL 12 – 1 x Focused Energy Badge
LVL 13 – 1 x 81+ Two Rare Gold Players Pack
LVL 14 – 1 x Tifo Pick
LVL 15 – Moises Caicedo TOTS Moments (OVR 90) OR Fifteen 83+ Players Pack
LVL 16 – 1 x Spark Badge
LVL 17 – 1 x 83+ Double Player Pack
LVL 18 – 1 x Tifo Pick
LVL 19 – 1 x 83+ Double Player Pack
LVL 20 – Twenty-Five 84+ Players Pack OR Marcel Desailly FUT Birthday Icon (OVR 92) OR 1 of 3 EFIGS TOTS Pick
LVL 21 – 1 x Three 83+ Players Pack
LVL 22 – 1 x Supercharged Badge
LVL 23 – 1 x Three 83+ Players Pack
LVL 24 – 1 x Tifo Pick
LVL 25 – Jesus Navas Flashback (OVR 92) OR Five 85+ Players Pack
LVL 26 – 1 x Two 84+ Players Pack
LVL 27 – 1 x Lightning Animated Tifo
LVL 28 – 1 x Mega Pack
LVL 29 – 1 x Rare Mega Pack
LVL 30 – Thirty 84+ Players Pack OR Wayne Rooney FUT Birthday Icon (OVR 92) OR 1 of 5 90+ Premier League/LaLiga/Ligue 1 TOTS Pick

Promo Overview
FUT Season 7 will feature the Team of the Season in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with the Ultimate TOTS lineup to be released on Friday 9th June.
Then the Shapeshifters event was leaked to take over, as it did in FUT 22, and distributed more ratings!
Shapeshifters see selected players get the usual stat boosts, as well as position changes and updated attributes, weak foot and skill move to better suit their new positions.
It ran for four weeks in FUT 22 and could dominate the game again in FUT 23.
Once that’s over, we could see the FUTTIES release and usually see this FUT event throughout the whole season.
The promotion will bring us a series of re-releases and fan-favorite players from the FUT 23 event, as well as fan votes to determine which players will receive an upgrade.