In the upcoming season of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, it’s crucial to understand how to acquire coins effectively. While the game brings new features like player evolution and the inclusion of women’s football, the market dynamics remain largely unchanged. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:


What is EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team in EA SPORTS FC 24 is a mode that allows players to introduce players into their club development, lead women’s soccer players to world competitions, and bring community-requested new features and updates.


What changes can be expected in the market?


Cross PC and Console Market

For the first time, Ultimate Team will have a unified market across all platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. This means prices will be the same, leading to a faster market and benefiting trading and AutoBuyer usage. PC players, who previously faced disadvantages, will now have equal opportunities. All alternative coin acquisition methods (buying, trading, and using AutoBuyer) were more difficult and expensive on PC, considering the limited availability of coins, cards, and users.


Removal of Position Modifier

The position modifier card has been completely eliminated, allowing players to freely change positions without any cost. However, certain limitations exist, such as R9 not being able to play as a CB unless a Shapeshifter card is obtained. This change won’t significantly impact the Simple Trader community, as there are already more efficient methods available.


New PlayStyle system

The introduction of the PlayStyle system represented a significant evolution from previous games. It brought in a more complex trait system, allowing players to customize cards with unique functions, such as extra tricks, finesse shots, or outstanding defensive abilities. EA’s official Deep Dive trailer provides details on this exciting addition.

Despite the introduction of the PlayStyle system, the previous chemistry style will continue. So the popular societal favorite known as “Chem style trading” will continue to work as well.


More untradeable cards are expected

EA will introduce more untradeable cards obtained through gameplay or packs. This aims to reduce the coin supply in the market and encourage players to purchase FIFA points. This change may limit trading opportunities as fewer coins will be available.


What methods of acquiring coins will be effective?

As in previous years, the main ways to earn Coins remain the same: playing matches and buying EA Sports FC coins from U7BUY. U7BUY is a reputable platform known for its reliability and trustworthiness. They have been in the gaming industry for years, serving thousands of satisfied customers. They prioritize the safety of your personal and financial information. U7BUY employs advanced security measures to protect your data throughout the entire purchasing process. You can shop with confidence, knowing that your details are in safe hands.

Many players will be happy with this reliability, as these methods allow them to get cards that would otherwise be hard to come by at a better price.


The Tips to Start the Game


SBC Solutions

Coins are in high demand currently, as everyone is trying to complete the limited SBCs available. Limited SBCs create high demand for specific average-rated cards that become scarce in the market. These cards can be profitable when used in the right SBC. Keeping an eye on such cards can generate substantial coin returns.


Extinct Cards

Investing virtual currency in meta cards during the early stages of the game can earn extra coins. As more users join, the influx of coins raises card prices, making them more valuable. In many cases, this also leads to pushing the price range higher. For instance, in FIFA 23, Nkunku’s card could be acquired for under 30k during the initial period, but eventually, it could be sold for over 100k. Hunting for these cards with an AutoBuyer can be profitable, especially when they become extinct in the market.



No major changes in the market are expected. The introduction of cross-market systems is likely to have the greatest impact. As a result, other coin acquisition methods, including AutoBuyer, which have shown high efficiency over the last year, are expected to again have significant success. If you want to learn more about EA Sports FC 24, read more on U7BUY.