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FIFA 23 OTW: FULL Ones to Watch squad REVEALED including SBC and Objectives players

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Check out the full Players to Watch list here.

watch players

EA just revealed the full Ones to Watch lineup, and 20 players will receive a live card!

We know that Erling Haaland, Raheem Sterling, Darwin Nunez and Richarlison will be playing, while Angel Di Maria has already played via SBC.

The full list of players and how they will be released is below:



Robert Lewandowski (OVR 91)

Sadio Mane (OVR 89)

Erling Harland (OVR 88)

Antonio Rudiger (OVR 87)

Paulo Dybala (OVR 86)

Gabriel Jesus (OVR 83)

Aurelien Tchouameni (OVR 82)

Nico Schlottbeck (OVR 82)

Darwin Nunes (OVR 82)

Anthony (OVR 82)

Corentin Tolisso (OVR 81)

Taylor Adams (OVR 76)

The following players will be packaged for release during the mini-launch:

Matisse de Licht (OVR 85)

Steven Bergwijn (OVR 80)

Renato Sanchez (OVR 80)

Single Board Computer:

Raheem Sterling (OVR 86)

Frank Casey (OVR 84)

Angel Di Maria (OVR 84)


Richardson (OVR 81)

Sergi Nordest (OVR 77)

release date and time

The dates and times for most releases have also been announced, as follows:

Monday 26 September – Di Maria SBC

– Di Maria SBC, Friday, September 30 – Main Lineup, Richarlsion Objectives

– Main team in pack, Richarlsion goal, Sunday 2nd October – Mini version added to pack

– The mini version was added to the pack on Thursday, October 6th – Sterling SBC

All releases are at 1pm ET/6pm BST.

We don’t have a date for Dest Objectives or Kessie SBC, however, we think they’ll also come when the OTW sale drops on Friday, September 30th.

FIFA 23 Best Passers: CONTROL the game with these PERFECT Playmakers

FIFA 23’s viewing week is underway, and the latest upgrades and relegations will be available to us before the full database is released! Don’t stress about FIFA 23 coins because U7Buy is here for you!

If your goal is to control the game with precision passing, whether in Ultimate Team mode or Career mode, we’ve got you covered with all the names that should be on your wishlist.

Below, you can find a list of FIFA 23’s top passers.

If you want one-touch players, these players are for you. The top 10 passers of FIFA 23 are listed below:

Kevin De Bruyne (OVR 91 – PAS 93)
It’s no surprise to see Kevin De Bruyne at the top of the list of the best passers, with his 93 PAS stat putting him three spots ahead of his next opponent.

In fact, if you’re looking for someone with better stats than him, you have to check out the Prime Icon Moment cards, and even then there are only five!

Cross, Tony (OVR 88 – PAS 90)
Hopefully we’ll see speed play a more balanced role in FIFA 23, and if that’s the case then we’ll probably see Tony Kroos getting more play.

The German has enjoyed high ratings over the years and has been one of the best passers in the game, but his speed has let him down.

Daniel Parejo (OVR 86 – PAS 90)
Daniel Parejo is often at the top of the top passer but not recognized by the rest of the roster.

Like Kroos, he has a slow tempo but can control the tempo with the best surrounding.

Lionel Messi (OVR 91 PAS 90)
He remains one of the highest rated cards in the game, and while his pace may have dropped, Lionel Messi can still spot a killer pass.

Probably best used as a CAM right now, his top passing and dribbling attributes make for a brutal combination.

Luka Modric (OVR 88 – PAS 89)
Age is a meaningless number for modern footballers, and Luka Modric is proof.

Not only is he one of the best passers around, but he doesn’t seem to slow down with age either.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (OVR 87 – PAS 89)
Trent Alexander-Arnold has a lot to offer defensively, but one thing is for sure, he has a killer cross.

He’s unlike any player we’ve ever seen, a playmaker and an RB.

Christian Erickson (OVR 82 – PAS 88)
Eriksen is known for his vision and is a staple of any midfield team.

He will retain his overall and passing stats in FIFA 23 and remains a good option.

Bruno Fernandez (OVR 86 – PAS 88)
Bruno Fernandes is a killer playmaker and one of the hardest-working players to ignore.

Despite the slight dip in numbers, he’s still one of the best passers in the game.

Marco Verratti (OVR 87 – PAS 87)
Paris Saint-Germain’s mini-guru Marco Verratti can easily play in midfield.

Not only is he a master passer, but he also has great dribbling skills, and despite his size, his defense is very effective.

Joshua Kimmich (OVR 89 – PAS 87)
Whether you’re looking for a cross into the box, a short 2-pointer, or a slant on the pitch, Joshua Kimmich has you covered.

The Munich native has played in multiple positions over the years, but looks most at ease in his current CDM position and is able to roam around.

FIFA 22: Summer Transfers NOW in Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 is coming, but we still have a few weeks to enjoy FIFA 22. Buy FIFA 22 Coins at U7buy!

Ultimate Team’s latest update includes some summer transfers for their new club, giving you the chance to experience new team building and test potential FUT 23 starters.

Check out all the latest information on the following situations.

change loyalty

Many players switched clubs during the summer transfer window, and EA is reflecting that change in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

On Wednesday, August 17th, an update to the game added more than 800 base cards for players who now have new teams.

This means you can now use Manchester City Erling Haaland, Inter Romelu Lukaku and Real Madrid Antonio Rudiger in Ultimate Team.

Not only does this mean that you can use potential starting squads in FUT 23 %

FIFA 23 – Chelsea’s Partial Team Roster Revealed!

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FIFA 23 might still be a ways off from its eventual release in September 2022, but it looks like a recent developer deep-dive into the game had just provided a glimpse into most of Chelsea’s in-game roster!

Usually, a comprehensive preview of a game is filtered to provide just enough information and teases for fans to keep guessing until the game actually launches sometime soon.

In the case of EA, a recent developer overview of FIFA 23 had just revealed an astonishing image that depicts almost all of the player ratings for English Premier League’s Chelsea.

This is a massive bomb, and some might even say it was deliberate in order to generate hype for the game.

Whichever the case, this is still an exciting development as we welcome any news about FIFA 23 with open arms.

Here are the player ratings as captured by the image:


oTimo Werner (OVR 83)
oKai Havertz (OVR 83)
oHakim Ziyech (OVR 83)
oChristian Pulisic (OVR 82)

oN’Golo Kante (OVR 89)
oJorginho (OVR 85)
oMateo Kovacic (OVR 84)
oMason Mount (OVR 83)
oRuben Loftus-Cheek (OVR 76)
oKenedy (OVR 76)

oThiago Silva (OVR 86)
oReece James (OVR 84)
oCesar Azpilicueta (OVR 82)
oMarcos Alonso (OVR 79)
oTrevoh Chalobah (OVR 76)
oMalang Sarr (OVR 75)

oEdouard Mendy (OVR 86)
oKepa Arrizabalaga (OVR 80)

There are certainly more players that have not been revealed – such as Reece James and Ben Chilwell – but anyone would already be truly satisfied to get some insight into how their favourite team would fare in the new game.

If you wish to view the original image and read the full text regarding EA’s take on FIFA 23, you can do so right now.

FIFA 23 is expected to launch around 27th September 2022 (Tuesday) worldwide.

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New Madden NFL 22 Golden Tickets And Ultimate Legends Are Here

MUTeamGo offers cheap MUT 22 coins so you won’t miss any of the newest items! The Madden NFL 22 card roster has received several new additions. We are talking about new Golden Ticket and Ultimate Legend items. The week brings us the sixth Golden Tickets drop. Five 99 OVR items are waiting for you in packs. Three more 99 OVR cards come in the form of Ultimate Legends. You will need many Madden coins to complete the sets, so don’t waste another minute and check out MUTeamGo!

Madden NFL 22 Golden Tickets and Ultimate Legends Player Items

Let’s see what the Golden Ticket Update 6 brings us. The cards are found in packs and you have until the end of the year to get them. However, if you move fast and get packs in the first two days, you have better chances at finding them.

Tony Romo
Position: Field General Quarterback.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 87 speed, 93 acceleration, 85 agility, 96 awareness, 72 strength.

Lamar Jackson
Position: Improviser Quarterback.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 99 speed, 99 acceleration, 99 agility, 99 awareness, 71 strength.

Vita Vea
Position: Power Back Halfback.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 94 speed, 94 acceleration, 89 agility, 96 awareness, 95 strength, 81 jumping, 28 return.

Michael Vick
Position: Receiving Back Halfback.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 99 speed, 98 acceleration, 98 agility, 87 awareness, 61 strength, 96 jumping, 85 return.

Nick Foles
Position: Physical Wide Receiver.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 96 speed, 97 acceleration, 91 agility, 95 awareness, 74 strength, 91 jumping, 52 return.

This week’s Ultimate Legends drop features Joey Porter, Larry Allen, and Ken Houston.

Limited Edition Joey Porter
Position: Power Rusher Offense Lineback.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 94 speed, 98 acceleration, 96 agility, 92 change of direction, 96 awareness, 95 strength, 93 jumping, 96 play recognition.

NCAT Joey Porter
Position: Power Rusher Offense Lineback.
OVR: 94.
Stats: 91 speed, 95 acceleration, 92 agility, 88 change of direction, 90 awareness, 91 strength, 89 jumping, 90 play recognition.

Larry Allen
Position: Power Guard.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 78 speed, 88 acceleration, 72 agility, 72 change of direction, 99 awareness, 99 strength.

Ken Houston
Position: Hybrid Safety.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 97 speed, 98 acceleration, 97 agility, 97 change of direction, 97 awareness, 72 strength, 99 jumping, 97 play recognition, 50 return.

Larry Allen and Ken Houston are obtained from sets that require several cards with varying OVR representing the reward player. The challenge series allows you to obtain Porter’s NCAT item.

FUT 22 – Kenny Dalglish’s Phenomenal ‘Icon Moments’ Player Card

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Following the Icon Swaps III promo, a new ‘Icon Moments’ Player Card has just been announced for one of Liverpool’s most decorated ex-players ever – former Scottish international player and manager, Kenny Dalglish!

Now back at its prime, Liverpool has had such a rich history of success and accomplishments throughout the last century, but it is around the 70s and 80s that the club had seen one of their most talented individuals ever to grace the club’s famous red jersey – the venerable Kenny Dalglish.

Winning the Scottish Division One (now Scottish Premiership) multiple times with Celtic in the early 70s, it was with Liverpool that Dalglish made himself renowned throughout the world, winning the Football League First Division (now English Premier League) six (6) times while also becoming champions of the European Cup (now UEFA Champions League) three (3) times as well!

For such an iconic figure, it was only fair that Dalglish would be receiving his latest ‘Icon Moments’ Player Card following the current Icon Swaps III promo too, featuring improvements against his ‘Base Icon’ Player Card as seen below:

(ST) Kenny Dalglish’s ‘Icon Moments’ Player Card: OVR 93

Shooting: 95 (+7)
Pace: 92 (+5)
Dribbling: 92 (+4)
Passing: 79 (+5)
Physicality: 75 (+5)
Defending: 42 (+2)

Dalglish was a phenomenal striker on the field, and he was both lightning fast and lethal in scoring goals from inside the box.

Good for you, there is only one (1) Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) that you will need to accomplish in order to recruit Dalglish inside your own UT squad today, requiring seven (7) Icon Swaps III Tokens in total:

oNumber of Icon Swaps III Tokens to be exchanged: 7

You have loads of time to complete this SBC as it expires around 19th June 2022 (Sunday) in the next two (2) months.

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Blade & Soul Battle Pass Season 2 And Master Pass Activities Are Now Available

U7Buy is the best place to buy Blade & Soul gold! Blade & Soul Battle Pass and Master Pass features are available. Players are invited to take part in the activities and claim rewards. The pass content includes missions that allow players to level up their passes. This is needed to acquire the prizes. All players who have achieved level 60 and Hongmoon level 1 are eligible to take part in these events. If you want some quick Blade & Soul gold, make sure to visit U7Buy and place an order now!

How To Get Blade & Soul Battle Pass Season 2 and Master Pass Rewards

The Hongmoon store has some items that will help players gain advantages. Battle Plaques are available for 2400 Ncoins. Battle Potions cost 40 Ncoins each, but you get a discount when you buy in bulk. The 150-potion bundle costs 3600 Ncoins. The purchase, however, is limited to one per account. A similar deal is available for the Master Pass Plaques and Potions. The difference is that potions come in bundles of 10 and 100 and you can get only one of each type per account. Both passes begin at level one. Players complete missions to level up their passes. We have daily and weekly missions. To complete these missions, players will have to clear specific dungeons and do quests. The potions we’ve mentioned earlier give XP. You get it even if you don’t complete the missions. It’s a good idea to use all your potions before the season ends because they cannot be used in other seasons. The only way to get all the seasonal rewards is to complete all the missions. The Plaques are used for bonus rewards. Taking part in this content is easy. Locate the Battle Pass icon in the game and click on it. The Battle Pass content will be revealed. The Master Pass content can be found under the tab with the same name. You will see what missions are available. Complete them for XP. Players get rewards for each rank. You can get the prizes as soon as you level up, or claim more at the same time. Each character can complete missions. The progress is account-wide. Let’s take a look at the rewards. Flame, ocean, earth, wind, nature, and lightning sky stealer crystals can be earned. We also have elder and nocturnal scales on the table. The prize list also includes XP charms, various types of orbs, sacred vials, and stones.

Bows of Death (Part 3)

Your options for cheap Exalted Orbs or Chaos Orbs can always be found at U7BuyGames every single day!

After the previous two (2) parts of our Unique Bows showcase, we can now start to dive deeper into more explosive ones that can help you to beat more powerful monsters in Wraeclast!

There are tons of different Unique Bows that you can find in PoE, and after we’ve explained the brief stats of some awesome early-game ones that you might have already come across before, Part 3 today will begin to share those that might be a bit rarer to obtain than previously:


Replica Iron Commander (Requirements: Level 32, Dexterity 107)

oDamage: (33.6 – 38.4) to (82.8 – 92.4)
oAttacks per Second: 1.37 to 1.44
oCritical Strike Chance: 6.5% to 7.5%
+30% to +50% Critical Strike Chance
+(8 – 12) to +(16 – 24) Physical Damage
+14% to +20% Attack Speed
+14% to +20% Totem Life
+14% to +20% Totem Placement speed
Shrapnel Ballista has +1 to Maximum Number of Summoned Totems per 200 Strength
+1 to +3 Physical Damage to Attacks per 25 Strength

Death’s Harp (Requirements: Level 32, Dexterity 107)
oDamage: (44 – 49) to (116.6 – 129.85)
oAttacks per Second: 1.32
oCritical Strike Chance: 6.5% to 7.5%
+30% to +50% Critical Strike Chance
+100% to +125% Physical Damage
+10% Attack Speed
+50% Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow

Silverbough (Requirements: Level 36, Dexterity 14)

oDamage: (40 – 66) to (126 – 160.6)
oAttacks per Second: 1.54
oCritical Strike Chance: 5%
+1 Level of Socketed Gems
+1 Level of Socketed Bow Gems
+80% to +100% Physical Damage
+(15 – 25) to +(50 – 60) Physical Damage
+10% Attack Speed
+10 Mana per Kill
+30 Accuracy Rating

The Crimson Storm (Requirements: Level 57, Dexterity 190)

oDamage: (104 – 116) to (156 – 174)
oAttacks per Second: 1.40
oCritical Strike Chance: 6.88% to 7.43%
+6% Movement Speed
+140% to +170% Physical Damage
+25% to +35% Critical Strike Chance
+50% Chance to inflict ‘Bleeding’ on Critical Strike with Attacks
Enemies you inflict Bleeding on grant +60% to +100% Flask Charges
+(100 – 120) to +(150 – 165) Physical Damage against Bleeding Enemies
50% Chance to Maim Enemies on Critical Strike with Attacks
Veiled Suffix

Death’s Opus (Requirements: Level 44, Dexterity 107)

oDamage: (66 – 98) to (182.6 – 215.6)
oAttacks per Second: 1.32
oCritical Strike Chance: 6.5% to 7.5%
+30% to +50% Critical Strike Chance
+100% to +125% Physical Damage
+(10 – 20) to +(30 – 35) Physical Damage
+10% Attack Speed
+50% Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Bow Attacks fire 2 additional Arrows

We are still not done yet as we continue to learn more about higher-tier Unique Bows in the game, so stay tuned for Part 4 of this incredible guide right here with us!

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Madden NFL 22 – Who Are The Zero Chill Elite Players

MUTeamgo has cheap Madden 22 coins and fast deliveries. Madden NFL 22 Zero Chill is an event that starts on December 10th and ends on January 5th. During these five weeks, players have access to special content that includes items, sets, and objectives. If you are looking for Madden 22 coins for sale, you should visit MUTeamgo! The Zero Chill event introduces the Elite player collection. It has 10 items that are obtained by completing sets.


Madden NFL 22 Zero Chill Player Items


Jimmy Garoppolo has 91 OVR with 74 speed, 82 acceleration, 76 agility, 86 awareness, and 63 strength. Nick Folk’s attributes are 66 speed, 78 acceleration, 60 agility, 92 kick power, and 85 kick accuracy. Taylor Rapp is an Elite Zero Chill item with 91 speed, 93 acceleration, 92 agility, 92 change of direction, 83 awareness, 68 strength, 86 jumping, 83 play recognition, and 56 return. Derrick Brown has 89 OVR as well. His item has 70 speed, 82 acceleration, 70 agility, 59 change of direction, 85 awareness, 91 strength, and 85 play recognition. Latavius Murray has an 87 OVR item whose stats are 89 speed, 90 acceleration, 85 agility, 78 awareness, 74 strength, 84 jumping, and 74 return. Kwon Alexander’s item has 89 speed, 91 acceleration, 87 agility, 84 change of direction, 82 awareness, 83 strength, 89 jumping, and 82 play recognition. Ian Thomas has 85 OVR with 88 speed, 93 acceleration, 82 agility, 83 awareness, 82 strength, and 86 jumping. Tashaun Gipson Sr is a safety Zero Chill elite player who has 88 speed, 90 acceleration, 87 agility, 82 change of direction, 81 awareness, 74 strength, 85 jumping, 81 play recognition, and 63 return. Danny Amendola is one of the two 83 OVR players. He is a wide receiver with 86 speed, 89 acceleration, 84 agility, 81 awareness, 50 strength, 74 jumping, and 83 return. Marco Wilson has 91 speed, 91 acceleration, 85 agility, 85 change of direction, 72 awareness, 66 strength, 92 jumping, 72 play recognition, and 58 return. These players are obtained from sets. You will need three, four, or seven Zero Chill player items to receive the Elite reward. Other sets reward the two Champions. These are 95 OVR items. We also have four Heroes items and several Golds players. This is just the first part of the Zero Chill event. Four more installments will follow. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Bo Knows release as well.


NBA 2K22 – Danny Ainge’s ‘Ruby’ Player Card Reward

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With special in-game player cards now becoming more expensive by the day, another great alternative for you to unlock top-tier player cards for free is through MyTeam Season Rewards, with one amazing player card example coming in the form of ‘Ruby’ Danny Ainge!




MyTeam Season Rewards has become one of the primary places for NBA 2K22 players to redeem extraordinary player cards for free, besides limited-time locker codes too.


To showcase an example of a primary player card to unlock via Season Rewards, let’s take a look at Boston Celtics’ former legendary Forward, Danny Ainge!


The retired basketball player was amongst the elites on the court, especially during his prime between 1981 and 1989.


In NBA 2K22, the Season Reward Player Card for Danny Ainge is of ‘Ruby’ tier, with his outstanding stats including:


(SG/ PG) Danny Ainge’s ‘Season 2 Rewards’ Player Card: OVR 88


  • Shot IQ (Shooting): 98
  • Hands (Inside Scoring): 98
  • Offensive Consistency (Shooting): 90
  • Free Throw (Shooting): 89
  • Hustle (Athleticism): 89


Danny Ainge is dangerous when he sees an opportunity to strike long shots from outside the circle, allowing him to confuse opposition players between challenging him and marking his teammates in order to block passes.


To obtain ‘Ruby’ Danny Ainge today, you will need to reach Level 24 in MT first, which should be a breeze if you consistently play the mode every day.


Season 2’s Build Your Empire will end around 3rd December 2021 (Friday), so it is safe to assume that the opportunity to unlock Ainge will also end by then as well.


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