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FIFA 23 FUT Season 7: Farewell to TOTS, Next Promo Leaked

FUT Season 7 is coming to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, bringing us a whole new set of rewards. Need more FIFA 23 coins to get the TOTS players? Come to U7BUY and buy some!
The Team of the Season rules Season 6, and the Ultimate TOTS Squad also kicks off for the FUT Season 7!
Find everything you need to know about FUT Season 7 in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team below, including details on release dates, promotions and rewards.

FUT Season 7 Release Date
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 7 kicks off on Thursday, June 8.
The new season will be live in FUT at 3AM ET / 8AM BST, bringing a series of new content that will last approximately six to eight weeks.

Storyline Player Picks
Season 6 brought us some exciting rewards with a Player Pick option for every 5th level as well as some choice packs, so we could see something similar in FUT Season 7.
Usually, we get a Storyline Player Pick at levels 15 and 30, although not always, there were no picks in season 3 and only one player (two versions of Future Star Folarin Balogun) in season 4.
TOTS Moments, Flashback and FUT Birthday Icon cards are available, the community would be very happy if we had a similar option!
We’re not quite sure how EA will handle Storyline rewards this time around, as they’ve been using the standard formula throughout the season.

FUT Season 7 Rewards
As always, there will be plenty of rewards, including packs, tifos, badges, and other consumables in the new season.
For example, the full list of rewards for FUT 23 Season 6 is as follows:
LVL 1 – 1 x 1000 Coin Boost for 10 matches
LVL 2 – 1 x Draft Token Pack
LVL 3 – 1 x Gold Pack
LVL 4 – 1 x Lightning Stadium Theme
LVL 5 – Gio Reyna TOTS Moments (OVR 91) OR Five 85+ Players Pack
LVL 6 – 1 x Power Up Badge
LVL 7 – 1 x Premium Gold Pack
LVL 8 – 1 x Tifo Pick
LVL 9 – 1 x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
LVL 10 – Dimitri Payet TOTS Moments (OVR 91) OR Ten 85+ Players Pack
LVL 11 – 1 x 80+ Rare Gold Player
LVL 12 – 1 x Focused Energy Badge
LVL 13 – 1 x 81+ Two Rare Gold Players Pack
LVL 14 – 1 x Tifo Pick
LVL 15 – Moises Caicedo TOTS Moments (OVR 90) OR Fifteen 83+ Players Pack
LVL 16 – 1 x Spark Badge
LVL 17 – 1 x 83+ Double Player Pack
LVL 18 – 1 x Tifo Pick
LVL 19 – 1 x 83+ Double Player Pack
LVL 20 – Twenty-Five 84+ Players Pack OR Marcel Desailly FUT Birthday Icon (OVR 92) OR 1 of 3 EFIGS TOTS Pick
LVL 21 – 1 x Three 83+ Players Pack
LVL 22 – 1 x Supercharged Badge
LVL 23 – 1 x Three 83+ Players Pack
LVL 24 – 1 x Tifo Pick
LVL 25 – Jesus Navas Flashback (OVR 92) OR Five 85+ Players Pack
LVL 26 – 1 x Two 84+ Players Pack
LVL 27 – 1 x Lightning Animated Tifo
LVL 28 – 1 x Mega Pack
LVL 29 – 1 x Rare Mega Pack
LVL 30 – Thirty 84+ Players Pack OR Wayne Rooney FUT Birthday Icon (OVR 92) OR 1 of 5 90+ Premier League/LaLiga/Ligue 1 TOTS Pick

Promo Overview
FUT Season 7 will feature the Team of the Season in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with the Ultimate TOTS lineup to be released on Friday 9th June.
Then the Shapeshifters event was leaked to take over, as it did in FUT 22, and distributed more ratings!
Shapeshifters see selected players get the usual stat boosts, as well as position changes and updated attributes, weak foot and skill move to better suit their new positions.
It ran for four weeks in FUT 22 and could dominate the game again in FUT 23.
Once that’s over, we could see the FUTTIES release and usually see this FUT event throughout the whole season.
The promotion will bring us a series of re-releases and fan-favorite players from the FUT 23 event, as well as fan votes to determine which players will receive an upgrade.

The Best Way to farm Money D4

“In this Diablo 4 Gold Farm Guide, you will learn how to earn gold fast in Diablo 4. There are many ways to get gold, but this technique is the most efficient for the early stages of the game. I was able to reach gold 4 using this method.

This method will enable you to craft Diablo 4 Gold and Legendary items in no time. The Gold Farm loop takes about 5-8 minutes, depending on how fast you kill the monsters in the dungeon. You can make about 20-40,000 gold every 5 minutes with this method in the early game.” Click here to find out more about Diablo 4 Gold strategy!

How to farm Gold in Diablo 4

“If you want to farm gold in Diablo 4, you should head to Anica’s Claim dungeon. This dungeon is east of Kyovashad, and the nearest waypoint is the Bear Tribe Refuge, which is north of the dungeon. Make sure you unlock this waypoint so you can travel faster when you farm gold. Before you can access Anica’s Claim dungeon, you need to clear Malnok Stronghold first. After you free Malnok, the dungeon will show up on your map.
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Here are the steps to farm gold in Anica’s Claim dungeon:
Setp 1: Enter the Dungeon
Setp 2: Kill Monsters & Elites
Setp 3: Reset Dungeon when inventory is full
Step 4: Teleport to the city to sell items
Step 5: Use Teleporter to get to the dungeon entrance, and
Step 6: Restart……”

Why Anica’s Claim Dungeon?

“Anica’s Claim is a great place to farm gold and legendary items. Many elite enemies in the dungeon will drop the Animus, a valuable resource that can provide you with rare and legendary items. In some cases, you can also find Temples of Greed, which increase your gold income from killing enemies in the dungeon. Even if you can’t find a Shrine of Greed, you may find another Shrine that provides a damage buff or other benefit.

Depending on your farming goals, you can either reset the dungeon when your inventory is full, or complete the entire dungeon.

For gold panning, teleport to cities and sell items when inventory is full. You can earn tons of gold from items and Animus. Sometimes you can’t get to a locked door and have to go back.

Complete the dungeon and defeat all enemies and bosses to earn the legend. They are more likely to drop legendary items than regular enemies. You can also get more Animus and coins.”

How to correctly reset the Dungeon to farm Gold in D4

Dungeon farming can be a lucrative way of earning gold in D4, especially when you know how to reset the dungeon. By following the steps outlined above and remaining diligent, you can reap the rewards of farming elite enemies and Animus carriers, earning enough gold to progress further in the game.

Dungeon farming is a popular way of earning gold in D4, and resetting the dungeon is an efficient approach. To reset the dungeon and farm gold, you must first teleport back to the city when your inventory is full. Once there, sell your items and Animus to the vendor, which will free up space in your inventory.

Next, use the teleporter to return to the dungeon entrance and then enter the dungeon once again, where you will see that it has reset. Continue to repeat this process until you’ve earned enough gold. However, note that if you leave the dungeon for too long, it might not reset. Thus, it’s important to return quickly after selling your items.

Moreover, make sure not to complete the dungeon or defeat the boss if you plan to reset it. Instead, just focus on farming the first section of the dungeon, where there are more elite enemies and Animus carriers. This part of the dungeon is generally easier and faster to farm, making it an ideal location for earning gold in D4.

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What’s New and Awesome in Diablo IV Season One

Diablo IV is one of the most anticipated games of 2023, and it’s finally coming out on June 6 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. But that’s not all. Blizzard has also announced that the game will have seasonal content and a battle pass system that will keep players engaged and rewarded for a long time. In this blog, I will tell you everything you need to know about Diablo IV Season 1 and why it’s going to be awesome. Never forget you can find Sellers on U7BUY for Diablo 4 Items.

What is Diablo IV Season One?

The first of many seasons that Blizzard plans to release for Diablo IV. Each season will last for about three months and offer players new and exciting content to enjoy. Season 1 will launch in mid-to-late July and follow the same seasonal approach as Diablo III.

Main Features

This season will introduce several new features to the game, such as:

Seasonal objectives: These are tasks that you can complete to progress through the season and earn rewards. They are divided into chapters that change every season, and Blizzard encourages you to complete as many as you can. Battle pass: This is a system that lets you level up and unlock rewards by completing seasonal objectives and playing seasonal characters. There are two

types of battle pass: free and premium. The free battle pass has 27 reward tiers to unlock, while the premium battle pass has 63 cosmetic reward tiers to unlock. You can buy the premium battle pass for 25, which lets you skip 20 tiers of your choice.

Smoldering Ashes: This is a special currency that you can use to buy rare salvage materials that boost your XP gain from monsters. You can only get Smoldering Ashes by completing missions in the free battle pass. You cannot buy them with real money or use them to make your seasonal characters more powerful right away. You have to meet a level requirement before you can use them.

Seasonal storyline: This is a narrative that will unfold throughout the season and give you a different perspective on the world of Sanctuary and its secrets. The seasonal storyline will not affect the main story of the game, which will be continued in a future expansion.

New game mechanics: These are new features that will change the way you play the game. For example, Season 1 will introduce screen reader support for third-party software that can read text on the screen out loud and let you adjust the volume, voice type, and reading speed. It will also introduce a highlight option for players, enemies, and items that can help you spot them easier in combat.

New legendary powers and unique items: These are new abilities and equipment that will enhance your gameplay and customization options. They will be introduced as part of the season but will also be available in the core game.

How to Access Season One Content?

To access Season 1 content, you need to complete at least one Diablo IV campaign with a character. After that, you can skip the campaigns of other characters and jump right into the seasonal content.

Some of the rewards you can get from Season 1 content are:

Legendary aspects and Power Codex entries: These are enhancements for your abilities and skills that are unlocked for each character individually.

Local reputation levels: These are measures of your fame and influence in each area of the game that are unlocked for your account.

Lilith Altars: These are places where you can summon powerful enemies and get rare loot. They are unlocked for each character individually.

Mounts: These are creatures that let you travel faster and customize your appearance. The first mount is unlocked as part of the campaign, and then all characters can use it from the start.


  • New and exciting content to explore and enjoy
  • Rewards that will make you stronger and more stylish
  • Challenges that will test your skills and strategy
  • A different perspective on the world of Sanctuary
  • A chance to play with other players and compete or cooperate with them
  • Season 1 is going to be a blast, and I can’t wait to play it. If you’re a fan of Diablo IV or action RPG games in general, you should definitely check it out.

Diablo 4 is here, let’s get started!

Sense Blizzard Entertainment has set a release date of June 6, 2023, and there’s a lot of chatter surrounding the game, Diablo 4, at the moment. The hottest topic should be Server Slam beta. Every player can take the test to find out about their service and game performance. Now, try all 5 courses and find out which one to choose.

*For more information, visit; pre-orders for Diablo 4 Legendary Aspects are now open!

Barbarian – A Diablo staple

Every D4 to play Love Barbarian, the most direct melee class! With their screaming battle cries, the barbarian’s powerful close-range damage allows them to leap down like beasts and crush their enemies. Their high speed of movement also allows them to always stay one step ahead of their opponents, meaning they always come out on top in a fight. Rage, gained when using basic attacks and lost at the end of combat, is their use of skills.

Bleeding status effect for barbarians

This feature will increase damage resistance by 10%, which makes the class more beginner-friendly and accessible. In fact, this effect elevates the Barbarian to be the easiest class to pick up in many single-player scenarios, unless facing enemies at a distance. The lack of effective ranged options in their skill attempts makes them the most difficult class to deal with enemies at a distance.

Armory Mechanic

Many skills in the Diablo series may require specific types of weapons, such as bludgeoning, two-handed, etc. But in this version, barbarians will be an exception, they can switch weapons to activate various skills and cycle attacks as needed.

Rouge – versatile and challenging

Compared to a savage fighting machine, the Rouge is not so friendly to novices. In fact, this profession is one of the most challenging roles, and they are versatile and dexterous. Players should rely on their quick sprinting trait to avoid the most unwanted attacks. Therefore, rough is never afraid of long-distance enemies, but close-range opponents.

Rouge’s unique specialty

Combo Points are the first specialization unlocked after lev. 15 Complete the quest titled “True Potential”. Unique effect that may be activated by skills, requiring combo points to use (same as Barbarian’s Rage). Every basic attack will fill up this new attack bar and will be displayed above the skill bar. The number of combinations of Combo Points is three.

Inner Sight is the second specialization unlocked after lev. 20. This specialization allows Rouge to mark specific enemies, and each attack on the marked object will increase the mana slot. When this gauge is full, they gain four seconds of infinite energy.

Infusion System – Frost, Shadow and Poison

Rogue skill trees are divided into three infusion types. Players should choose these instill skills to increase the damage of their skills. The most powerful aspect is that this additional effect applies to whatever ability they use next. In other words, the skills of thieves can be instilled!

Necromancer – Balance of playstyles

As a historical S-class class since Diablo II, the Necromancer doesn’t have any notable disadvantages against enemies up close or far away. They have a variety of ways to crush evil, including resurrecting undead minions, exploding corpses, using the power of bones and poison. Their blood magic can control crowds and even convert damage into health.

Book of the dead

Skeletal Warriors are the first type of Reaper to have the first skill. They are divided into three classes: Skirmishers, Defenders and Reapers.

Skeletal mages include shadow mages, cold mages, and bone mages. Cold mage, usually used with the second perk, just for extra fragility and crowd control. Bones also adds a ton of damage compared to that, which is also overwhelming, but the rush of blood makes for a process change.

Sorcerer- High magic damage and ranged

In many RPGs, as opposed to melee (e.g. barbarians), wizards are able to deal massive amounts of magic damage to enemies at incredibly high ranges. As a downside, they can’t take much damage. Given their effective crowd control spell abilities, this class is perfect for the cautious solo player.

How do spells utilize the different elements?

The wizard-specific class quest is called “Wizard: Legacy of the Magi”. This is the first slot that unlocks their spells, which allow the class to provide passive procs. In particular, frost spells are very effective for crowd control, with the effect cooling down anything it hits and slowing things down considerably. Fire spells are usually used for AOE (area of effect) damage, and cause a burning effect. At the same time, lightning spells deal massive damage, resulting in fatal blows to objects.

Druid – Has good crowd control

Like the barbarian, this class also focuses on melee damage in most scenarios. They can change shape between Werewoldf and Werebare. The former has fast attack speed and high damage, while the latter provides additional AOE and stronger health. At the same time, this class also brings a little more flexibility than other classes (excluding Rouge). Instantly, they’re not as fleshy as the barbarians, but you can still absorb damage from the central structure.

Animal spirits

The druid’s animal spirit system not only allows them to transform into wolves or bears, but also allows them to have animals as companions. Players can choose from one of 4 spirits at a time, which offer unique bonuses called Boons.

Efficiently build your class

Finding effective ways to build your class at the start of the season means improving in many ways compared to players your age. After the beta version, there is a lot of instruction in every course that we talked about before. Based on their unique skill sets and strengths, we strongly recommend that players take the most time-saving approach and take full advantage of the characteristics of the class before thinking about your personal build.

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Find the best way to structure your class. Let’s meet in Diablo 4’s endgame content. Read more…

FIFA 23 reveals Community TOTS: Bernardo Silva, Sanchez, Jesus, more

After weeks of accumulation and voting, Team of The Season is finally here. Need tons of cheap FIFA Coins? Placing an order on U7buy will solve all your problems! This fan-favorite campaign celebrates the best players in the major football leagues. FIFA 23 community members face a difficult decision when logging into Ultimate Team. Do players open their saved packs now or save them for future TOTS squads?
Some will argue that players should focus all their attention on TOTS in the Premier League, which could include Erling Haaland, Marcus Rashford, and Bukayo Saka. However, EA pulled out all the stops for Community TOTS, highlighting lesser-known stars for 2022/23.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at who made FIFA 23’s first superteam.

EA unveils star-studded FIFA 23 Community TOTS

On April 28, TOTS started with community teams, including players who failed to earn more than one special card in FIFA 23.
 David De Gea: Manchester United
 James Tavernier: Rangers
 Nathan Ake: Manchester City
 Andrew Robertson: Liverpool
 Min Jae Kim: Napoli
 Kingsley Coman: Bayern Munich
 Khephren Thuram: OGC Nice
 Bernardo Silva: Manchester City
 Rodrygo: Real Madrid
 Alexis Sanchez: Marseille
 Gabriel Jesus: Arsenal
 Danilo: Juventus
 Declan Rice: West Ham United
 Ismael Bennacer: AC Milan
 Alvaro Morata: Athletico Madrid
 Junya Ito: Stade Reims
 Cameron Carter-Vickers: Celtic
 Ramy Bensebaini: Borussia Monchengladbach
Fans can also expect to find Eredivisie players in packs, as EA also revealed the Eredivisie TOTS squad. Some standout players include Xavi Simmons, Steven Bergwijn, and Dusan Tadic.

FIFA 23 – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Peak ‘Team of the Week 22’ Form

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FIFA 23 has just introduced a new ‘Team of the Week 22’ (TOTW22) roster that adds exciting UT cards for chosen footballers that performed fantastically during their last match throughout the previous week.

With domestic games put on hold to make way for international friendlies and UEFA EURO Qualification matches, TOTW22 is unsurprisingly selecting the next In-Form (IF) players from these fixtures around the world.

Right now, history maker, Cristiano Ronaldo, has just been added into the line-up, courtesy of his two goals in Portugal’s 6-0 downing of Luxembourg in the UEFA EURO Qualifications Stage of Group J.

Already at 38 years old, Ronaldo continues to wow everyone despite his seemingly peaking age.

As proven against Luxembourg on Monday, Ronaldo is still a dangerous forward to go up against on the field, justifying his latest in-game stats:

(ST) Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Team of the Week 22’ Player Card: OVR 92 (+2)

Shooting: 94 (+2)
Dribbling: 87 (+2)
Pace: 84 (+3)
Passing: 82 (+4)
Physicality: 78 (+3)
Defending: 36 (+2)

This is, by far, Ronaldo’s highest-rated UT card in FIFA 23, featuring impressive finishing and dribbling capabilities that are befitting of his playing style.

He can also play as a CF when required, receiving a Controlled AcceleRATE type in the game.

His 5-Star Skills make him a very special player in FIFA 23, and his 4-Star Weak Foot allows him to shoot from anywhere inside the final third.

A dominant right-footer, Ronaldo’s High Attacking Work Rate is also a big part of his mentality, suiting fast counter-attacking plays with a high attacking line.

The Portuguese legend enjoys a couple of nifty traits as well:

Outside Foot Shot
Power Free-Kick
Long Shot Taker (CPU AI)

If you’re a big fan of Ronaldo’s new TOTW22 card, it can now be acquired from card packs until 5th April 2023 (Wednesday).

Interested in buying him straight from the Transfer Market?

You need to have the following sum of FIFA Coins first:

PS/ Xbox: 310,000 FIFA Coins
PC: 288,000 FIFA Coins

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Well, visit U7Buy immediately to discover cheap FIFA 23 Coins for sale unlike anywhere else, today!

FIFA 23: Fantasy FIFA Tracker

Before we start, please visit U7BUY for cheap yet safe FIFA 23 Coins. For those unfamiliar, Ultimate Team (FIFA) is a game mode within FIFA where players build their own dream team by acquiring and trading player cards. The ultimate goal is to create the strongest squad possible and compete against other players online.

The Fantasy FIFA Tracker takes this experience to the next level by providing players with a detailed breakdown of their team’s performance. It allows players to track their wins and losses, goals scored and conceded, and other key metrics.

One of the best things about the Fantasy FIFA Tracker is that it is incredibly easy to use. Players can simply input their team’s information, and the tool will generate a report that highlights their team’s strengths and weaknesses.

For example, if a player’s team is struggling to score goals, the tracker might recommend adding a striker with better finishing skills. Or if the team is conceding too many goals, the tracker might suggest replacing a defender with a more skilled one.

Another great feature of the Fantasy FIFA Tracker is that it allows players to set goals for their team. This could be anything from winning a certain number of games to acquiring a specific player card. The tracker will then track the team’s progress towards these goals and provide updates along the way.

Of course, the Fantasy FIFA Tracker is not just about individual performance. It also allows players to compare their team’s performance against others. This can be incredibly helpful for players who are looking to improve their game and move up the rankings.

Overall, the Fantasy FIFA Tracker is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who loves playing Ultimate Team in FIFA 23. It provides players with detailed insights into their team’s performance and helps them identify areas for improvement. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a casual player, the Fantasy FIFA Tracker is sure to enhance your FIFA 23 experience.

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes All Cards, Chemistry Explained, and More

FUT Hero Cards are a great addition to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and their number continues to grow in FIFA 23.

If you wish to buy FIFA 23 Coins that are extremely cheap and safe, U7Buy is the perfect place for you to do so, featuring tons of great deals and discounts every single day! Find everything you need to know about FUT heroes in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team below.

LATEST – Additional heroes added
Ahead of FIFA 23’s launch, a new FUT hero roster has been leaked, revealing all the extra players who will be joining Ultimate Team.

When the new FUT Heroes were officially announced, all the leaked names were included except one – Ledley King.

There has been speculation for months about whether he will actually be in the game, further speculation when he was able to be scoured on the FUT transfer market, but he still hasn’t turned up.

Then, on Friday, January 6th, King finally appeared in-game, available for free loan through the Moments Store, and his Base cards were added to the player pool in packs.

What is a FUT hero?
FUT Hero Cards are a new item in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team that introduce some retired fan-favorite players to the game.

Initially, these were considered one level below the icons by the FIFA community, however, as the season progressed, some FUT heroes became better than many of the icons.

19 FUT Hero cards were released in FUT 22, and FUT 23 started with 21 new FUT Heroes – and one was added to the mid-term event – so the roster now has 41.

All FUT heroes have a base version, some of them received upgraded FIFA World Cup FUT heroes during FUT 23’s World Cup event, more enhanced versions may appear in further promotions.

chemical reaction
With the chemistry rework introduced in FUT 23, FUT Heroes now work slightly differently.

If they play in the right positions, they will always have a complete chemistry themselves.

They will then give two Chemistry points to any player who shares the same league as them.

FUT Hero Card Types
FUT Heroes has two confirmed card types, Basic and World Cup.

The Base version will be available from launch, and the World Cup cards will arrive on Friday, November 11.

We expect to see more types in other promotions, with upgraded versions appearing in FUT 22’s FUT Captains and Shapeshifters campaigns.

New FUT heroes
The FUT hero roster has more than doubled in FIFA 23, with 21 more former players handing in a card.

FIFA 23 England Ratings – TAA slaughtered in World Cup ratings reveal

Come buy FIFA Coins that are unbelievably cheap at U7Buy right now, featuring all the best deals and discounts unlike anywhere else! It’s the most wonderful time of year when the World Cup Soccer takes over TV and FIFA 23!

DLC allows you to manage and play real teams, controlling their fate – real teams update ratings.

See how England’s performance in World Cup mode compares to their current ratings in the base game.

right back down

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s conundrum for club and country gap is on display, with the right-back currently rating him at -2 overall.

Although he started with an overall rating of 87 in FIFA 23, that rating has dropped to 86 due to the club’s poor form, dropping even more in the DLC.

Frustrating form – Why Trent can’t emulate his club form at national level is a mystery

It’s frustrating that such a talent has failed to replicate his club form with his national team, but it seems TAA can only play a very specific role and doesn’t handle change well.

Still, England have a plethora of top RBs, with Kyle Walker (OVR 85) and Kieran Trippier (OVR 83) both in the lineup, while likely first-choice Reece James is out through injury.

legendary lion

With the semi-finals of the last World Cup and the final of Euro 2020, England’s young stars have been serving the country in recent years.

Some players have taken their game to an extra level while on international duty, Harry Kane (90 overall), Raheem Sterling (88 overall) and Jordan Pickford (83 overall) Some players in the World Cup are rated higher than the base game.

There’s been a lot of debate surrounding Harry Maguire’s inclusion in the WC squad, but there’s no denying he’s always played for England in the big tournaments.

His rating dropped drastically from 84 OVR in FIFA 22 to 81 OVR in FIFA 23, but he sees a slight increase to 82 OVR in WC mode.

FIFA 23 – Five EXCITING features we’re yet to see

Place a FUT 23 coins order on U7Buy and we will process it and safely deliver your coins right away! FIFA 23 has brought us a lot of excitement so far this year, but we all know there is room for improvement.

With that in mind, we wanted to take a look at five more things in this year’s game that are sure to generate a lot of excitement.

FIFA 23 new features

FIFA 23 is a fantastic live game these days, and we’re not just talking about Ultimate Team.

While FUT will get the most love, there are still many additions to be made that will make FIFA 23 an even better game from top to bottom.

More real scans

We’ve already received word that FIFA 23 will soon add some new real face scans, and Premier League stars will look better than ever.

Not only is it the batch that promises to bring a new level of realism to this year’s game, we’re sure to see new and updated scans throughout the year.

New Scan – Lots of new faces coming in FIFA 23

New scanners for newly promoted teams such as Forest, Bournemouth and Fulham will arrive in due course, while other Premier League managers could also get real touches.

EA has been working hard to make FIFA look and feel more authentic than ever and will continue to improve over the next few months.

Team of the Year

The World Cup content might add some extra fun to Ultimate Team, but Team of the Year will take things to the next level.

In one of the most exciting promotions of the year, Team of the Year will celebrate 2022’s best stars with stunning cards from Ultimate Team.

While a Team of the Year release date has yet to be confirmed, we expect it to launch shortly after the World Cup with a host of incredible superstars earning amazing cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

new stadium

Not only will new face scans appear in FIFA 23 in the coming months, but new stadiums will soon be appearing in FIFA 23 as well.

Nottingham Forest ignited the title last year, securing promotion to the Premier League.

OLD HOME – The City Ground coming to FIFA 23

Steve Cooper’s side have long played on FIFA’s Ivy Lane, but that looks set to change early next year when the City Stadium is officially scanned for inclusion in this year’s competition.

Stadiums could arrive early next year, but those dates could change due to scan times.

rating update

There will be plenty of rating updates in January as new players and stadiums continue to emerge.

The stars who proved EA wrong during the first half of the season will receive well-deserved upgrades, and these new ratings will play out across all modes.

Certain upgraded stars will also receive new FUT items to reflect their top performance.

The obvious contenders for such an upgrade so far include Youssouffa Moukoko, Miguel Almiron and pretty much the entire Arsenal squad.

future tease

As we all know, FIFA 23 will be the final collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA.

That being said, we don’t know much about the features in the newly named EA Sports FC.

Big Future – EA Sports FC Coming in 2023

FIFA have already started teasing their tactical changes, but EA hasn’t revealed much so far.

It’s well worth keeping your eyes peeled over the next few months, as FIFA 23 could be the perfect playground to test out exciting new ideas that could bring something incredible to the game of football. exciting future.

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