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New Madden NFL 22 Golden Tickets And Ultimate Legends Are Here

MUTeamGo offers cheap MUT 22 coins so you won’t miss any of the newest items! The Madden NFL 22 card roster has received several new additions. We are talking about new Golden Ticket and Ultimate Legend items. The week brings us the sixth Golden Tickets drop. Five 99 OVR items are waiting for you in packs. Three more 99 OVR cards come in the form of Ultimate Legends. You will need many Madden coins to complete the sets, so don’t waste another minute and check out MUTeamGo!

Madden NFL 22 Golden Tickets and Ultimate Legends Player Items

Let’s see what the Golden Ticket Update 6 brings us. The cards are found in packs and you have until the end of the year to get them. However, if you move fast and get packs in the first two days, you have better chances at finding them.

Tony Romo
Position: Field General Quarterback.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 87 speed, 93 acceleration, 85 agility, 96 awareness, 72 strength.

Lamar Jackson
Position: Improviser Quarterback.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 99 speed, 99 acceleration, 99 agility, 99 awareness, 71 strength.

Vita Vea
Position: Power Back Halfback.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 94 speed, 94 acceleration, 89 agility, 96 awareness, 95 strength, 81 jumping, 28 return.

Michael Vick
Position: Receiving Back Halfback.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 99 speed, 98 acceleration, 98 agility, 87 awareness, 61 strength, 96 jumping, 85 return.

Nick Foles
Position: Physical Wide Receiver.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 96 speed, 97 acceleration, 91 agility, 95 awareness, 74 strength, 91 jumping, 52 return.

This week’s Ultimate Legends drop features Joey Porter, Larry Allen, and Ken Houston.

Limited Edition Joey Porter
Position: Power Rusher Offense Lineback.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 94 speed, 98 acceleration, 96 agility, 92 change of direction, 96 awareness, 95 strength, 93 jumping, 96 play recognition.

NCAT Joey Porter
Position: Power Rusher Offense Lineback.
OVR: 94.
Stats: 91 speed, 95 acceleration, 92 agility, 88 change of direction, 90 awareness, 91 strength, 89 jumping, 90 play recognition.

Larry Allen
Position: Power Guard.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 78 speed, 88 acceleration, 72 agility, 72 change of direction, 99 awareness, 99 strength.

Ken Houston
Position: Hybrid Safety.
OVR: 99.
Stats: 97 speed, 98 acceleration, 97 agility, 97 change of direction, 97 awareness, 72 strength, 99 jumping, 97 play recognition, 50 return.

Larry Allen and Ken Houston are obtained from sets that require several cards with varying OVR representing the reward player. The challenge series allows you to obtain Porter’s NCAT item.

Madden NFL 22 – Who Are The Zero Chill Elite Players

MUTeamgo has cheap Madden 22 coins and fast deliveries. Madden NFL 22 Zero Chill is an event that starts on December 10th and ends on January 5th. During these five weeks, players have access to special content that includes items, sets, and objectives. If you are looking for Madden 22 coins for sale, you should visit MUTeamgo! The Zero Chill event introduces the Elite player collection. It has 10 items that are obtained by completing sets.


Madden NFL 22 Zero Chill Player Items


Jimmy Garoppolo has 91 OVR with 74 speed, 82 acceleration, 76 agility, 86 awareness, and 63 strength. Nick Folk’s attributes are 66 speed, 78 acceleration, 60 agility, 92 kick power, and 85 kick accuracy. Taylor Rapp is an Elite Zero Chill item with 91 speed, 93 acceleration, 92 agility, 92 change of direction, 83 awareness, 68 strength, 86 jumping, 83 play recognition, and 56 return. Derrick Brown has 89 OVR as well. His item has 70 speed, 82 acceleration, 70 agility, 59 change of direction, 85 awareness, 91 strength, and 85 play recognition. Latavius Murray has an 87 OVR item whose stats are 89 speed, 90 acceleration, 85 agility, 78 awareness, 74 strength, 84 jumping, and 74 return. Kwon Alexander’s item has 89 speed, 91 acceleration, 87 agility, 84 change of direction, 82 awareness, 83 strength, 89 jumping, and 82 play recognition. Ian Thomas has 85 OVR with 88 speed, 93 acceleration, 82 agility, 83 awareness, 82 strength, and 86 jumping. Tashaun Gipson Sr is a safety Zero Chill elite player who has 88 speed, 90 acceleration, 87 agility, 82 change of direction, 81 awareness, 74 strength, 85 jumping, 81 play recognition, and 63 return. Danny Amendola is one of the two 83 OVR players. He is a wide receiver with 86 speed, 89 acceleration, 84 agility, 81 awareness, 50 strength, 74 jumping, and 83 return. Marco Wilson has 91 speed, 91 acceleration, 85 agility, 85 change of direction, 72 awareness, 66 strength, 92 jumping, 72 play recognition, and 58 return. These players are obtained from sets. You will need three, four, or seven Zero Chill player items to receive the Elite reward. Other sets reward the two Champions. These are 95 OVR items. We also have four Heroes items and several Golds players. This is just the first part of the Zero Chill event. Four more installments will follow. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Bo Knows release as well.


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