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NBA 2K21 – What Do You Think Of The New MyTeam Unlimited?

NBA 2K21 MyTeam is such a complex mode that one could call it a game in itself. It’s the mode that attracts the most players. MyTeam can be played in so many ways. MyTeam Unlimited is one of them and it’s among the most popular ones. It became part of the game in 2019 and it was an instant success. Two years later, this mode is getting bigger and better.

In this year’s game, MyTeam Unlimited will feature nine leagues. Players need to complete all of them to get to the top. This means that you need to take part in 12 matches. That’s how many games are in a league. The objective is to advance to a superior league. You get promoted when you win a certain number of matches. This number will vary depending on which league you are in.

The first league has three wins as a promotion requirement, so you need to win three out of 12. Promotion occurs automatically once you meet the condition. As soon as you win your last promotion match, you don’t have to play the remaining matches. Higher leagues have more wins as a promotion requirement.

MyTeam Unlimited keeps players engaged at all times. You can promote to a superior league, but you can also demote. You will need to win a certain number of matches to keep your current league position if you fail to win the games needed for promotion. Those who demonstrate that they have skills and dedication, advance to the highest tier.

If you manage to make it to the Galaxy Opal tier, you get an amazing prize. This means that you need to win all 12 games in the last league. It is not an easy task, but the rewards are attractive so it is worth the effort. This system goes hand in hand with the new Seasons feature. As you win league games and promote to better leagues, you check tasks on your seasonal agenda. This will help you obtain XP that counts towards the season level.

You also get rewards for leveling up in seasons. Each new season comes with a MyTeam Unlimited reset so players will start fresh. A new season also brings a new reward. Players should take advantage of their time in the first leagues to practice and to build a strong lineup. The higher leagues are no place for beginners as the competition is fierce.

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NBA 2K21: The Demo Is Available, What We Know So Far?

Let us start with the basics. The demo is very large. You will need more than 30 GB of free space in order to download it. The content of the demo justifies the size of the file. First, you will be able to test the character creation in MyPlayer. The creation tool seems to offer a large variety of customization options. You can shape his face and facial hair to create a unique character. You can also choose the set of skills of your character. You can test the gameplay of the mode in a test match opposing the Los Angeles Clippers to the Milwaukee Bucks.

You can also play a simple match in the classic Quick Game mode. The available teams for the mode are the Boston All-Time Celtics, the Los Angeles All-Time Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Milwaukee Bucks. That mode will allow the players to fully test the new gameplay improvements of NBA 2K21. The All-Time Lakers team will let you play with the late Kobe Bryant. Talking about the Quick Game mode, 2K has taken a disputable approach with their demo. You can only play five matches in that mode.

However, after playing reaching the five matches limits, you can still test the gameplay with 2KU. That mode will serve as a training session allowing you to grasp the specificities of the new gameplay. Fans have already started testing the Pro Stick system. The right stick will now allow the players to shoot using a target instead of a timing gauge; and will also allow them to perform various dribbles. The 2KU mode will help the fans to master the new shooting system before the release of the game.

In terms of graphics, the game is acceptable. However, we can expect a few improvements when the full game launches. The reactions of the fans who played the demo are mostly positive. The new gameplay features are well received and the hype around the game is higher than ever. The game launches soon, we will see if the good reviews carry on to the full game.

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