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WoW Classic – Zul’Gurub Raid Tips

WoW Classic Zul’Gurub reset time is three days. This means that once every 72 hours the bosses you killed will respawn.

There’s no attunement quest. Unlike the other three raids before it, Zul’Gurub does not require you tp complete lengthy quest-chains. You just enter the portal like you would for a dungeon.

In theory, you can rush to the end boss. You don’t need to kill all the bosses before the final boss. You can just go and engage the last boss, Hakkar, while the High Priests are still alive, but you will most likely fail. Each Priest empowers Hakkar with a buff and it’s extremely challenging to kill him while he has all five buffs. However, it’s not impossible. Such a kill has already been claimed in WoW Classic. No one managed this achievement in Vanilla.

Ignore the adds for the High Priest Arlokk fight. This probably goes against what you hear most of the times, but focus on burning the boss while it is active. Switch to the adds when the boss vanishes.

Position High Priest Jek’lik on the hill. On the right side of the boss area, there is a small hill. Position the boss there to have more room during the fight.

Interrupt High Priest Mar’li when healing. Watch out for the boss’s Drain Life spell. It will heal it and damage the target. Luckily, you can and should interrupt it. Set up an interrupt rotation if needed.

Kill High Priest Thekal’s adds at the same time. You will be fighting three adds in the first phase. All three of them must die at the same time.

Dispel High Priest Venoxis. The boss uses Renew which heals it. Classes with dispelling abilities such as priests and shamans can use their spells to remove Renew from the boss.

Get the debuff when fighting Hakkar. The Poisonous Blood debuff is essential to this fight. Make sure you have it when the boss Blood Siphons. If you don’t have the debuff, you will help the boss gain HP.

Don’t die too many times during the Bloodlord Mandokir fight. The good news is that you get resurrected if you die during the fight. The bad news is that each death buffs the boss.

Focus the adds, not Jin’do. When fighting this boss, it is important to keep in mind that adds take priority. Don’t touch the boss if there are adds still up.

Stay in the water when fighting Gahz’ranka. Stay in the water near Pagle’s Pointe to avoid taking too much fall damage. Stay with GoldPiles to get more cheap WoW Classic gold.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

What You Need to Know About Gearing Up in WoW Classic

WoW Classic is certainly very much different from WoW retail. The gearing up process is one of the aspects that makes the game a unique experience. Some might even call it frustrating. First of all, don’t worry about gear until you are level 55+ or so. Complete as many dungeons as you can and make sure to finish the attunement quests for Molten Core and Onyxia.

You will want to head into those raids as soon as you hit 60. The quests reward plenty of XP and send you in Blackrock Depths, an extremely large dungeon that drops many pre-raid BIS items for all classes. Also, pay attention to the quest rewards too. You might not get any more XP from the quests if you out-level them but you might get a nice armor upgrade.

Those who have played the original WoW vanilla might remember a thing or two about obtaining gear but new players have absolutely no guidance from the game. The first thing new players need to accept is that obtaining gear differs from class to class. Things are not like in retail where each activity, be it dungeon or quest or raid, drops useful gear for your class.

WoW Classic quests don’t reward gear for all classes. Not all dungeons have something useful for you in the direction of gear. You will depend on RNG a lot. It’s possible that you will spend hours in a dungeon and walk away with nothing to show for it. That’s the vanilla experience. Rewards are not guaranteed and the sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner you will make the steps in the right direction. Vanilla is about player interaction so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Another thing that you need to understand is how stats work in WoW Classic.

Unfortunately, secondary stats are hidden from the player but there are useful add-ons, such as Extended Character Stats that will show you all stats. Find out what are the priority stats for your class and role – your main stat might not always be your best one – and look for items with that stat. This is where another add-on comes in handy. The AtlasLoot add-on shows the table loots for all bosses. Browse it so you know which dungeons you need to prioritize.

In some cases, you will need to equip different types of gear. For example, DPS warriors prioritize hit rating that is found on leather and mail gear and not on plate armor.

Keep GoldPiles.com in mind and work your way to obtaining the best gear for your class.

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